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StephenZcat Level 3 (710 points)

I've got footage the analasys tagged incorrectly.  Specifically, it lables some shots without anyone in the shot as a one person.  Anyone know how to remove just one analasys keyword and leave the rest.  I have a clip with analasys keywords: one person, wide shot.  I want to remove the one person analasys keyword.

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  • Ralph Nudo Level 1 (50 points)

    Stephen, Single-click your clip in the event viewer and press cmd-K. This will bring up the keyword viewer and in this window you should be able to modify or delete keywords associated with the clip.

  • StephenZcat Level 3 (710 points)

    This works for keywords, but not for analasys keywords.  I haven't found a way to modify analasys kewords.

  • hafken Level 4 (1,225 points)

    The best I've found is being able to remove all analysis keywords from a specific subclip. So in your case, you'd need to remove both the one person and the wide shot analysis keywords. To do this:

    1. use the list view and go to the clip in question

    2. open the disclosure triangle to show the keywords attached to the clip

    3. highlight the analysis keywords

    4. control(right)-click to get the choice of "Remove Analysis Keywords."

    This will remove both keywords and there doesn't appear to be a way to just remove one or the other. Nor can you drag the clip onto an analysis keyword to restore just the one keyword. Stupid, but that's how it works, I suppose.


    A potential work-around is to just create your own version of analysis keywords for those you want to still retain. So for example, in your clip, before you remove the analysis keywords, first add your own keyword called "Wide Shot." Then at least you still have that metadata attached.

  • StephenZcat Level 3 (710 points)

    This is probably as good as it gets for now.


    Great work-around suggestion.  Wouldn't take too much time as I can select all clips in the analasys search folders, drag to a keyword, and it's done.