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I can no longer drag and drop files to USB or network share drives.  I drag the files over, the little green + appears, and drop, but the file does not copy.  I can open up Word, type a few random characters and do a "save as..." to the external drive just to isolate the problem, and it works just fine.  Only drag/drop fails.  The drive is NTFS formatted because I use it to sneakernet files over to my work PC.  Any idea why I can't drag and drop files anymore?  The problem also exists when I VPN into a network and connect a network share.  I can't drag/drop to it either.  Strange part is, I will see the file show up on the drive for a split second, then disappear.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    It just occured to me that this is an FAT32 drive I'm attempting to copy to.  I keep this one drive FAT32 because I use it to copy files from my Mac to my work PC.  Does anybody know if Apple removed write to FAT32 support in Lion?


    Edit: Nevermind, I just tested my other external drive which is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted and I get the same results.

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    I have the exact same issue! Whats the deal...


    Cant copy too or from any type of external drive. This is ludicrous!


    File appears for a split second then dissapears. I coppied a document to a usb drive and left to work, plugged in my usb drive and whoops! I thought to myself "No way i remember copying it"


    Luckily i had also saved to dropbox!


    Apple do something!


    Tried mac journaled and FAT32...no luck.

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    After doing some research all it was is a glitch in the finder from a previous update not yet resolved.


    A simple restart or finder relaunch should fix the issue.

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    I had a similar problem yesterday and stumbled upon a simple fix.


    TO FIX THIS PROBLEM, all I had to do was to "Repair Disk Permissions" using Apple's own DiskUtility.  Somehow the disk permissions on my main drive were corrupted.  As soon as these were fixed, I could write between drives again. 

    For good measure, I verified the disks and the disk permissions on all my drives.


    By the way, a simple re-start DID NOT FIX the problem for me.