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Hey all,


I'm building a pretty simple wedding website. The goal is to just provide some basic information; nothing too big.


I had an issue with the nav bar not displaying so I got rid of it and made my own with links.


I was wondering if anyone could provide tips on how to correct the remaining issues? (i'm hosting it from dropbox since it's a pretty minor site and only expect  100 or so views. Not sure if this contributes to the problems)


I'm at work on PC and tried viewing the page in both IE and Chrome.



Main Page:

Pictures display but the white border around them does not.

Twitter and facebook links at the bottom next to email link doesnt display.


Details page:

Background image is not displaying.

Google maps widgets don't display

countdown clock widget isn't displaying


Our story page:

It used to be a bunch of pictures with arrows and stuff but it was pretty slow so I just created one large image to display. That one image isn't displaying


Bridal Party page:

Images display fine but the border's aroudn them don't.


The site is




Thanks to anyone who has any ideas to how to correct the issues.

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    I viewed your site from my iMac with Safari 5.1 and on the Welcome page see no borders of any kind around the photos?  Also see no background image on the Details page and no borders around the photos on the Bridal Party page. 


    I checked the Activity window in Safari (Command+Option+A) for your site and found that there are several files from the Scripts folder that are not getting uploaded.


    If you're using iWeb to upload the site try using the File ➙ Publish Entire Site menu option. If that does'nt work publish your site to a folder on your hard drive and use the free FTP client  Cyberduck to upload the site folder to your server.


    Note:  each frame around a photo adds 4 additional files that needs to be uploaded and rendered by the browser to view the page.  That can cause a page to load more slowly.  Although not as nice looking, I don't add frames, drop shadows, etc. to photos to make the sites more compatible to the dark side.



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    I tried publishing entire site yesterday. Fixed everything when viewing from safari at home on mac, and from my home PC using firefox or IE!


    Strangely when viewing from my work PC the background images still don't appear....


    Thnaks so much for the help.


    I'll try your second suggestion to see if it remidies when viewing from my work machine

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    I doubt you can use, or need, CyberDuck to publish to DropBox.


    And why would you? DropBox already IS a folder on the desktop.


    Likewise, you can directly publish to a folder on iDisk when iDisk is mounted.