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Does anyone have a better SEO Solution than Rage iweb seo tool?

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Depending on your budget, there are a lot of things you can do to optimize your website for search engines that won't require you to install additional software or hire an outside firm.  When creating your site, here are some general tips to help your SEO:


    • Original Content.  One of the factors that all search engines emphasize is to have original content that can not be found elsewhere on the Internet.  That does not mean that it has to be a product or service not sold anywhere else, but that your information should not be copied from a different website directly.
    • No broken links.  If a search engine is "crawling" your site and finds a broken link, then it will negitively impact your SEO.  Make sure that any URL links that you have on your site go to their correct destination.
    • Updated regularly. Search engines are able to tell when they re-crawl a site if your site has been updated since the last time it was crawled.  The more frequently the site is changed, the more confident the search engine will be that your website is active.  This will help your site rank higher in search engine results.
    • Keep your site clean.  If your website has a virus on it when it is crawled, it can dramatically effect your results.  Make sure that you periodically check your site for viruses and keep any third party programs up to date.


    You can also pay an outside company to assist you with SEO.  If you do use a company, just make sure that you do your research first and make sure it is a legitimate company, as there are websites out there that will make big promises but are not able to deliver.  There are also a lot of great free tools at SEOBook that can help you out as well.

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    SEO Tool is not a search engine solution. Its just a comvenient way to add title tags and meta description...




    General info...




    You need to upload a sitemap.xml and enter it into all the search engines...




    ... which means, in some cases, opening accounts with them.


    This means opening accounts with, not just Google, but Yahoo, Bing and any others you may want to include. ASK.com doesn't require an account.


    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

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    Like Roddy mentioned, it's not a solution, but a tool to help you with your optimizations. Were you having problems using it? Did you try it and had no luck?


    There's quite a few things you can do for SEO purposes. Some of which have been mentioned in this thread. If you really want to optimize your site correctly, it's worth it to learn more about SEO and how you can optimize an iWeb site.


    SEO Book is good, but I find it to be painfully long.


    There's an accompanying video course that goes with iWeb SEO Tool that you might find helpful as well.




    And Roddy's pages for SEO are all great resources to use.


    Good luck!

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    Just installed iWeb SEO under OSX Lion and couldn't find the Domain-file for my site




    Holding the 'alt' key makes it at least temporariliy visible in the finder. Unfortunately this doesn't work within the opening dialogue.


    Anyone knowing something?

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    iWeb SEO Tool uses the info from the published files - not the Domain.sites2 file.


    The default location for the Domain file is - Home Folder/Library/Application Support/iWeb


    The library is hidden in Lion and launching separate domain files needs a little extra work. See this page under "iWeb and Lion OS X 10.7"..



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    great stuff for SEO. thanks

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    Finally postings about SEO with Apple.  Apple should be in the SEO marketplace.  Toronto SEO Companies should take notes on how to avoid broken links.