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I have recently tried to sync my iPad for the first time in months (been away from home).


Anyway the initial backup failed with an error (can't remember which). After Googling the issue, I proceeded to delete my iPad's existing backup from ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup using "rm -R" in Terminal.


Running iTunes sync after this caused some rather weird behaviour. The sync would go well until the progress bar was at around 95%. Then the backup appears to stall. At this point, if I enter the Terminal command "ls -lrt" in the Backup directory, I can see that no new data is being written after the time of the stall.


Some time after this, my iPad will reboot and the sync process will start over again. This could feasibly go on an infinite loop..!


The question I have is: does iTunes, or can it be configured to, write diagnostic information to a log so that I can try and work out what is causing the backup to stall?


I _really_ don't want to start randomly deleting iPad apps one by one until the backup works...



iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    I finally fixed the problem (didn't want it to stop me upgrading to iOS5!).


    Anyway, looks like the issue was an app I have installed called "Offline Pages". I had saved on my iPad quite a number of websites for offline reading while on flights.


    The amount of data stored for this app must have caused something to fail in the backup process as when I deleted all the app's data my backup started working again.


    Bit of a pain losing my config for this app, but better than having to start completely from scratch!