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Faulken Level 1 (145 points)

Is there a quick key combination for selecting multiple clips in the timeline? I wish to select a frame in the middle of the storyline and automatically select remaining clips beyond. There has got to be an easier way than click- drag a highlight box over all the clips.

  • miss cathy_cat_eyeglasses Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you hold down command and click on your various clips?

  • still_learning Level 3 (785 points)

    Yes ... simply click somewhere in the timeline, but not on a clip, and drag a rectangle to touch or encompass all the clips you want to select.  Hope this helps.


  • still_learning Level 3 (785 points)

    oops ... sorry ... re-read your question.  My bad 


  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,605 points)

    You can drag select, shift-select, command-select, but there are no track tools.


    The application is designed to work with a continuous, unbreakable storyline. Why do you need to select all the clips downstream from a certain point? What are you trying to do?

  • Faulken Level 1 (145 points)

    I am trying to work in the timeline with markers. There is a certain point , with a certain clip, that I am trying to sync. I want a zoomed in view of the timeline, select the clip and all remaining clips beyond that point so that I can slide it to the desired point (with the position tool).


    Since I have so many clips on a long timeline it is difficult to zoom out and select with the click drag select or shift click methods.  The clips become too small to work with at a zoomed out view. All precision is lost.  It would be perfect if I could just work in a zoomed in view of the timeline a click select all remaining clips in a sequence.


    Just hoping there was an easier way to go about it.

  • MattGiraud Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm looking for this functionality, too. In the previous verison of Final Cut, you could toggle to select a double arrow that selected all clips downstream, for the reasons Faulken mentions.


    Until they hook that back up (here's my vote for doing just that), the workaround would be to select the upstream-most clip, zoom out, then shift-click the last clip (so now all the clips in your main storyline are selected). Now you can zoom back in to the first clip you selected, change the selection arrow to Position (p), and move the entire schmear. Hitting comma will move everything one frame downstream if you want to be a little more precise.