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I have a 1 TB IMac, 950 GB of my iMac HD have been eaten alive by my Video Recordings of family events using my canon vixia hf 100 HD recorder.  I cannot use my computer now, due to lack of space on the hard drive.  I now own two 2 tb external hard drives.  All I want to do is make 2 DVD copies of each video event from imovie and have one back up of each event on one of my externals and another backup in my time machine which is on the other external.  It takes so long to transfer data  from my canon vixia hf 100 through imovie to a DVD.  I have swamped my Imac HD, and can't even burn a dvd to loosen the byte load.  Can i transfer my whole iMovie library to my free 2tb external and utilize it to maintain and store all iMovie data?????




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    I can think of two options.


    You can start deleting some of the videos to make room.


    You can get and an external drive and move them over to it.



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    I agree with Allen Eckert. Definitely External Drive is probably your best option. Get a cheap Western Digital Lifebook or whatever has a USB interface, and move everything you can.

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    Yes, deleting is not an option most of the vids are the kids young 1-2 years... So, that leaves me with the option of moving all the data over to the external...That is where I get tweaked out... I don't want to lose any data... So my first step is to move the entire iMovie library over to the external.  However I am not so sure of how to do that,  essentially I would no longer have my iMovie library connected to my iMac HD,  therefore in future useage of iMovie it would work off of my external... So my query is how do I set the rule to do this, and is it wise to utilize iMovie where the iMovie file folder is no longer attached to my iMac Hard drive... Anyone, Bueller...

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    Depending on which version of iMovie you have it could be very easy, when you attach the external hdd to the mac it will appear in iMovie as one of the 'locations' where projects/events can reside. And you would move them ONLY from within iMovie, not outside of it. This will help keep any current projects and the events associated with them from breaking.


    This is how it would work, attach the external hdd. Open iMovie go to the Projects Browser. Make sure you can see the external hdd in the list of devices. You then can drag the project directly over the icon of the external hdd. iMovie will ask you, do you want to move Events associated with this project? Go ahead and say yes and it will move the Events over too. So you might ask what about the events not already in a project? Well you can do the same thing down in the Event Browser too. Only you want to make sure iMovie knows you want to see all the hard drives attached to your computer not just the internal one. So there's an icon in the top right corner of the Event browser called Group Events by Disk. It has a cartoon icon of a hard drive on it. Just click it once to turn this on. You should now see the external hdd in the list. Drag all your Events onto that disk. So now for the moment of truth,. . .


    Go up to your project browser and open up one of the projects FROM the external hdd and skim it, edit, add do something with it. Switch to a different project on the external try the same thing. Go down to the Event browser and check out some events on the External HDD as well. It should all be the same as it was on the Internal HDD. Last Step: Delete the now duplicate/original Events/Projects on the Internal HDD. You have perfect working copies on the external and do not need to keep the originals on the Internal HDD. Any time from this point forward you will only open Events/Projects from the external hdd and save back to that location. And iMovie will take care of the rest of it for you.

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    so drag and drop all events, and that will set the rule for all new projects to be saved on the external as well?  For instance, I import new AVCHD data, and the file/save.  It will be automatically saved on the external and not the internal correct? All this seems so easy and as a mac user since 86,  I am double guessing and over analyzing so much I am confusing myself... I have to actually hear it just to reassure myself... The Videos are baby births and such,  man what a lousy dad, if I, "oops, deleted my kids birth video, or a first walk, ..."  The anxiety is killing me.   I have never been so tweaked about any data being lost ever, Whatever happened to good old VHS?

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    When you are first importing into a new Event, make sure you specify by dragging the pulldown list in the Create New Event window. And that will ensure you are putting it into the right hdd (the external). Create New Event will show all the hard drives attached to your computer when iMovie was launched. Events can be created anywhere on Import and can be created in ADVANCE of when you import. That might be the key to any future importing you do. You can make empty container events and name them as needed long before you hook the camera up to your Mac.Screen Shot 2011-07-27 at 1.02.37 PM.png


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