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I recently had to rebuild my macbook pro from scratch (OS-X 10.7 upgrade gone bad) back to OS-X10.6.8.


When importing my content back into itunes from my backup, itunes was able to import everything, songs, movies, books but fails on importing my apps.


I get the error "The app [app name] could not be added to your itunes library because an error occurred. There is not enough memory available."


Is this error referring to RAM or Strorage memory (HD Space)? I am assuming storage...


If RAM, I am still using the same 4Gb I've been using all along, nothing has changed.  If storage memory, my library is on an external 2Tb disk with over 1.5Tb's available.


Help! I can not sync my iphone or iPad without losing all my data!! UGH!!!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)