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  • 100 Watt Walrus Level 1 (0 points)

    Lex, sorry for the misunderstanding. You are right about my original post having outdated OS information. I changed it AFTER that post and had forgotten that was the case. I can try turning extension off and then on one at a time, but I don't know when I'll be able to get around to it since I use several of my extension for work, and doing so will require me to use Safari long enough after each turn-on to build up to WebProcess' memory leak (or long enough to be sure the leak isn't happening).


    Since you say you're having the same problems, I take it you've tried this already? Did you have any success?


    I would love to help solve the problem. I'm not "running away" to Chrome either, which is why I'm here as well. I've just resorted to using Chrome as my daily driver until Apple releases a fix. (Wouldn't it be nice if they acknowledged the problem so we could at least be assured that fix is on the way?)


    FYI, my extensions are...


    Firebug Lite

    Click-to-Flash (already tried turning this off, didn't help)

    TinEye (tried running without this too)

    ImgurUploader (tried turning this off)

    Awesome Screenshot (haven't tried without this one yet, need it for work)

    JavaScript Blacklist (tried turning this off)

    HoverZoom (tried turning this off)

    LessIMDb (site-specific, haven't tried turning this off)

    AdBlock (tried turning this off)

    KachingleX (my company's extension, which is on and off all the time since I'm the QA guy)


    So now that I look at this list, it seems I have tried Safari with most of these off after all!


    Thanks for offering the 5.0.5/6 link. I may take you up on that, but not just yet — there are dangers to downgrading, are their not? What with Safari being closely meshed with the OS?

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    Steven Stromer wrote:


    Experiencing the same. Can't figure out what is causing the problem. Have all extensions disabled. I do have many tabs open, but 5.0.5 was able to handle the exact same tab set without such issues. It is causing my macbook pro to run 40 odd degrees hotter than usual, and for the fans to run high constantly. It isn't bad enough to cause the computer to become unresponsive, but it does create a miniscule lag on everything, and will inevitable cause damage to my hardware. I know that Apple's engineers troll these pages. Apple this needs to be resolved. For the time being, I am going to force a reinstall of 5.0.5, as per:



    I downgraded to 5.0.5 using the instructions provided on the link by Steven. The process took less than 10 minutes. So far so good - no RAM issues or bugs, nor any OS issues caused by the downgrade. I've had at least 8 tabs open for a few hours and the system has not become unresponsive at any point. At the moment I have 10 tabs split over 2 open windows and Safari is using 658 MB of RAM. Prior to the downgrade it was typically using in excess of 700 MB even with just a few tabs. Other than the Reading List function in Safari I can't tell the difference between 5.0.5 and 5.1.


    If any one plans to follow the steps I used, you'll find everything you need in posts #6 & #7 by 'katonah' on this link ''.


    Finally, a word of caution, while I haven't noticed any issues yet there's no saying whether I will in the future, so downgrade at your own risk and read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

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    OK, Walrus, I have had the same problem, but I am sure that this phenomenon does not have the same cause in every case. In my Safari I have left only 2 extensions, Hoverzoom and Adblocker, and I have Glims with practically everything unchecked (I need it to add more search engines); When I check more features in Glims it causes problems in my case. Hoverzoom sometimes causes problems but then I throw it out for a few days and the ram eating is normal again. Adblocker has never given me a problem. What also helps in my case is turning private browsing on, but it I do not like that. I have absolutely not found (and as far as I know nobody has) a unique solution.

    btw, I did not yet tried the downgrade to 5.0.5 but I have heard that it does work perfectly. But I am going to solve 5.1.... Anyhow I think we can expect an update soon..


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    Walrus, I did 1100KM by car today, and I had the following thought:

    somewhere in the system (I am not sure if it is in Safari or in OSX or maybe even in Onyx) is a setting that says something like "stop safari prefetching". Since you are surfing a lot and certainly have pages with a lot of links etc, perhaps you should try if stop prefetching does help. I cannot find it where I am now. I also thought that using "private browsing" might help a bit, but maybe you do not want to loose the browsing history. Just curious, how come you use the name Walrus?

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    Some drive Lex , enjoyable I hope.


    Mac OS X steps to disable DNS prefetching

    1. Open Terminal (in /Applications/Utilities).
    2. Execute the Terminal command below to disable DNS prefetching:
      defaults write WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled -boolean false
    3. Quit Safari, then open it again and test for the issue.
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    Hi Andy,

    yes enjoyable, but roads as full as in the UK, I suppose. There were several radar-armed policemen who wanted to take a photograph...

    Yes thanks, for the prefetching memory (my memory) "upgrade"...

    Walrus might first try the article changing the DNS service, then the terminal command to stop prefetching.

    I have already for a long time these open dns servers in the network settings:

    open preferences/network, choose the advanced/ dns tab

    click +






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    Okay, i've been using 5.0.5 for a little over a day now and I don't think downgrading from 5.1 solves the problem entirely. Safari is using about 650 MB of RAM on average (I currently have 2 tabs open and it's using 676 MB); at times RAM usage has jumped up to 900 MB and then come back down. This doesn't seem right... I don't remember Safari 5.0.5 ever using over 500 MB on an average day and Firefox certainly doesn't use this much. CPU usage too seems to be a little on the higher side, but I never paid much attention to Safari's CPU usage in the past so I'm not sure.


    I suspect that the initial upgrade to 5.1 might have changed something at the OS level that hasn't been entirely reversed by downgrading to 5.0.5. Perhaps, the problem is more complicated than we think and that's why Apple hasn't come up with a solution yet.


    Will continue using 5.0.5 for a few more days and let y'all know if things get worse.

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 (20,490 points)



    5.1 didn't seem to do anything (aside from an archive of previous version) that isn't undone by installing 5.0.5, if you use the complete package & have Pacifist 'replace' everything... except for adding a presumably now redundant    /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/WebKit2.framework



    5.0.x can be  slightly unpredictable in memory use, I've occasionally seen 900+MB, never greater, and usually under 500, all while other users here have reported much much more

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    5.0.5 did use a lot of RAM, so I'm not surprised to see reports of it using 500-900MB. But the key is that you don't also have WebProcess sucking up another gig of RAM.


    I keep pretty close tabs on memory usage, and this is what I think you should expect:


    Safari 5.1 using 200-400MB at any given time + WebProcess hogging up to 2GB on top of Safari's usage.


    Whereas Safari 5.0.5 can use up to 900MB (if you're really taxing it), but no WebProcess, so all in all you're saving at least a 1GB whenever using Safari.


    I haven't tried downgrading or turning off DNS prefetching just yet. Haven't had the time. But I will soon, I expect.


    I'll try your tips Lex.

    As for my screen name, I don't remember exactly how I came up with 100 Watt Walrus, but suffice it to say, I'm a very silly person who likes alliteration.

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    Same problem. Safari 5.1 in Lion eats more and more ram, until it arrives at 1.5GB and the system starts paging out and slowing down. This Safari is pure crap!


    I solved the problem by dropping Safari and switching to Chrome 14 beta. Ram usage is now fairly stable to 500-600 MB, with 5 tabs opend.

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    I replied a long time ago in this discussion - and want to emphasize how big a PITA the auto-reload issue can be.  If you're entering webform data in the current Safari, it can disappear in an instant and be unrecoverable as the form displays blank again.

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    After years of faithful commitment to Safari, I've switched to Chrome, as I frequently keep over a hundred tabs open, and Safari 5.1 just couldn't keep up. All I can say is, I can't wait for Apple to get Safari fixed. Chrome is typical Google Garbage -- a flag planted to say they were there, with little concern for those who follow. For Safari users, there are numerous deal killers:


    Opening a new tab can't take you to your preferred home page. Fortunately, there is a decent solution via extension:


    New Tab Redirect!

    Sets a user-specified URL to load in new tabs.

    ID: icpgjfneehieebagbmdbhnlpiopdcmna



    History is entirely illogically laid out. I just want a long, sequential, and complete history, as with Safari. Nothing more, and nothing less. Still haven't found history nirvana in Chrome. Another extension makes history minimally usable:


    Recent History (Toolbar Icon)

    This extension displays your recent history, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and recent bookmarks in a one click pop-up.

    ID: milbdjfbgdilllphgdmlahonjodlfokh



    Chrome doesn't provide the option for new tabs to open to the foreground. For real? Another extension:


    Tabs to the front! - Version: 0.2.4

    Brings newly created tabs to the foreground.

    ID: hjaooagfdhdhmbfchnkhggjmacjlacla



    Chrome pages up by 80% of the page, instead of by 100%, forcing you to skim through the last read paragraph to find the place where you left off. Annoying.



    But, these aren't even the deal killlers.


    Chrome doesn't permit the printing of background images of web pages, making many useless to print. This is scheduled to be resolved, but has been in discussion for years.


    Chrome's intermittent status bar fails at its information function, is distracting, blocks page content, and is a security hole. Safari's always on or off status bar is a world better.


    Chrome tabs sometimes freeze gracelessly. It is nice to have your other tabs continue to work, but often the frozen tab can't even be closed.


    Chrome seems to have a thousand different preference pages, all of which are challenging to navigate, yet there are actually very few preference options available.


    Even popular and well established extensions seem to freeze frequently, and often the failure of one seems to cascade across a few extensions. Attempts to relaunch crashed extensions frequently fails, as well.


    Chrome uses plenty of memory. While there is no doubt that Chrome manages memory better than Safari 5.1, each open window takes up a good chunk of RAM. When added up, there is plenty getting used. Further, I experience a bouncing memory usage pattern, where every few seconds one window or another takes about 12-15% of the CPU. It has nothing to do with the loaded content in any on page. Watching individual page usage, I've closed the page that was hogging, only to discover that another page instantly becomes the new hog in town. Haven't been able to figure out what is happening during these frequent mini-peaks of processor activity.


    Google is as bad as Apple at hearing customers' woes. In fact, Apple at least usually resolves issues in time, as the programmers want to make a more usable product. Google frequently never gets it right, thinking they know better than users what users want.



    In summary, I can't wait for someone (maybe Apple?) to come out with a working Safari.

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    My safari's using 3+GB after a few hours after reset. All latest software. Around 15 tabs open. 2 extensions - 1password and adblocker. There's a good site to set java-related speeds here:


    Mine's taking 30 seconds with extensions disabled and 20 minutes with enabled extensions, but, surpisingly, still shows the test completed as 30 seconds...

  • icerabbit Level 3 (770 points)

    Mine was over 2GB yesterday ...


    To me, this is just more of the same with Safari that goes back several versions and several iterations of OS X; where in a matter of hours of quite active browsing, or days; its memory footprint will just keep growing until you run out of RAM and start having lots of page outs to the hard drive and it starts to affect your whole system. 


    The only difference is now that there is a split between Safari and WebProcess, with the benefit that you don't have to force-quit safari and lose your windows & tabs. You can just kill WebProcess and carry on.


    Sure wish they'd fix it though.


    And then maybe cap it to 500MB. Nothing one browses should cause a web cache to go out of control. 

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    Well, 5.1.1 hasn't fixed this problem, despite the release notes saying the update included changes to fix RAM hogging.