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For several days the indicator in the top bar reported the "Battery Service" followed by a symbol in the shape of a triangle with an exclamation point.


Diagnosis: Battery replacement


I feel lucky the battery was still the original one, mine is a MacBook Pro 15 "(late 2008)


The battery door was raised for about 1mmm, with the hand I could feel a slight rise, and also forced the lock lever in the closure.


The new battery, ordered from the Apple Store, it comes completely without force, but most disappeared with the rise of 1mm battery!


This makes me think that the battery you were "blowing", I run risks if I want to besomewhere in the house the battery unused?


On the Apple site you are instructed to contact a Services that waste disposal in your area, the problem is that where I live in Versilia (Tuscany - Italy), there is no efficient system of disposal of this type of waste.


I am also available to bring the battery in person at an Apple Retail Store, but Apple's web site indicated this solution is not so and I assume would not take back my dead battery.


Thank you for your kind attention.