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I just tidied up my various folders and so on that had got a wee bit messy with a fair amount of work recently.


My eyes not being quite what they used to be, I could not help but think how much easier it would be if I could increase the font size on all the project and file labels.


Is it possible to do that?

Mac Pro dual 3.0 Xeon, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Welcome to the age of squint club


    Unfortunetly there is no built in way in Aperture to do this as far as I am aware.


    One thing I find useful is to zoom the screen when I need to se a particularly difficult bit of text. If you hold the control key down and scroll the mouse (if you have a magic mouse its a single swipe up) the sceen will zoom in to the cursor point. To get back to noraml just scroll in the oposite direction.



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    In addition to Frank's suggestions:


    Experiment with turning off font smoothing with fonts below a set size.  This helps some, and galls others.  The setting is at "System Preferences→Appearance".


    There are other zooming tools in addition to the "scroll to zoom".  These are set at "System Preferences→Univarsal Access→Zoom→Options".


    You might consider running your display at a smaller resolution (this will make the system fonts render larger).  "System Preferences→Display".


    If you are still unsatisfied, you probably can find a third-party utility to change the system font settings.  (TinkerTool used to do this.)  I advise against it, as it almost always leads to unintended consequences, and in addition is difficult to maintain through the many updates and upgrades.


    You could make a feature request of Apple, via "Aperture→Provide Aperture Feedback".  Even a "Small, Medium, Large" might be useful in the Library pane of the Inspector.


    I use work bifocals with the "reading" lenses set specifically to the distance of a computer screen.  Invaluable, imho.


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    Thanks all.


    It would be a useful addition - I am sure that you can do that sort of thing in some other Apple programs, so let us hope that they add it in soon.