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I bought my phone on dec last year. and I got a yellow spot on the iphone 4 screen on the left top of the screen. am not sure what is the matter with it. how to fix it and will effect my phone if I use it for long or no.. thanks

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    I Have the same issue.. While it has not effected my phone in any way from an operational standpoint I am taking it to the apple store today to see what they will do for this.. I have tried to restore the phone (at first thinking it was a software issue) 3 firmwares later its still there..


    Depending on how big your yellow markings are would depend on how fast I would take it back in. Mine is large enough to discolour any icon I place on the bottom (phone,messaging anything) about half way so its getting annoying more than anything.


    I also noticed on black screens (in movie or loading of an app) there appears to be a tension mark on the same bottom left corner as there is a small streak of white lite pointing towards the screen center. smaller than the yellow blob but still just as noticable.


    I will repost my experience at the apple store after I am back to update on what was done.

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    Update to my previous post. Just came back from teh Apple Store and have a replacement iPhone in hand. There were no questions asked. Showed the Genius Bar Employee and explained to him what I had read on the internet and he sid he was skeptical about the adhesive issue not being dried. (possible in earlier versions however) but not on versions this late in distribution. My advice make an appointment and take it to apple if you have the ability to.

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    I have this exact same problem. Apparently my phone is now 40 days out of warrenty... what a surprise! I have an appointment to go to the genius bar. (seriously, you cant make this stuff up... an appointment!) where they will no doubt do what my service provider did and say, tough... This is a business phone (i.e. not out of my pocket) and by far the most expensive phone on the market so for it to only last a year before defect is crap. Anyway, I'll see if the genius bar make me eat my words by sorting it out for me.

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    At least you guys can take it to the store, I bought mine in Dec and just now the yellowish spot appeared, but because I imported the phone and bought it form a firend there is no store or center I can takr it to. Besides I am far from my country and I dont have the time. Apple should have a mail in service for us type of costumers.

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    I also had the same problem, but only when i used a different charger and i also noticed that my phone was very hot.

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    i have same issue jus make an apointment with Apple but if i give them a Factory unlocked iPhone with they give me a Factory unlocked iPhone back?