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just put Lion on 2 MacPros at work.  on one of the machines, I'm getting a weird hang when connecting to Bluetooth.  It'll connect (to my trackpad in this case), work for a few minutes and then stop working.  But it also causes System Preferences to hang/crash.  I can open SysPrefs but not click on any module.  Also I get a beach ball in the menu bar for any Apple sys prefs.  First time, i just restarted the comp and when it rebooted i got the "Bluetooth unavailable" icon (greyed out with the wavy line in it).  Then I tried trashing the bluetooth prefs and resetting SMC, which allowed me to connect on reboot, but again it crapped out after a few minutes?


Any body else having this issue or had this issue with older OSes?  To be honest I hadn't used Bluetooth very recently under Leopard or Snow Leopard, so i don' t know if the issue existed before the upgrade to Lion.


What about tryin gto reseat the Bluetooth antenna

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), Early 2008 Quad-core
Solved by rocklebee on Jul 27, 2011 5:21 PM Solved

Looks like it was a StartupItem issue.


Booted into Safe mode and System prefs worked fine.  Just one-by-one narrowed it down to which Startup Item was the culprit.