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In Snow Leopard, aka 10.6, I had a default login window setup that could be easily changed (both the desktop image and the text message contained in the actual login windor) to allow messages to be inserted so that students could be made aware of various things affecting the use of the computer.  I upgraded a 10.6 system that was setup with this configuration to 10.7.  Now the login window is simply a flat grey screen with the Apple logo and a rather tiny window in which you enter your username and password.  There is no space where message text could be included in the login window.


The manner the 10.6 customized login window image was created was to create a .jpg of the correct size and then store it in the administrator account's Public folder.  Then the defaults write /Library/Preferences/ com.apple.loginwindow DesktopPicture was pointed to get the picture from that Administraor's Public folder.


Is there some way I can achieve the same funcionality in Lion?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Thank you for the info and the quickness of your reply.  I will give it a try later today. 

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    The image is changed BUT it is now a tiled image even though the actual image is a full screen (matched to the resolution of the display)  I can not figure out how to get the displayed image to be a single full screen image.


    The other interesting thing is that when I do a Spotlight search, even though I have changed the NSText..... to be the image I intend to use, Spotlight still comes up with that plain gray background. 

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    Follow up to get a single window full screen I had to make some changes in the initial image I was using.


    I had a full screen .jpg that worked perfectly on Snow Leopard.  When I put it into Lion, it was small and tiled 12 images across the screen.  I took the image to Photoshop, disabled resampling, changed resolution to a smaller dpi resolution.  (I went to 72) had to size the image to the max screen resoltion on the iMac 27" then rename it to the NS Textured.....    and then  install it in place of the existing NSFullSc.... as listed below.  This does require admin privlieges but I did not have to go to Root to accomplish it.


    /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/Resources/NSTexturedFullS creenBackgroundColor.png.


    That allowed it to fill the entire login screen. 


    Now, at least I can modify the image in photoshop to include the additional text that partains to that particular set of lab computers.  It is not as easy as it was in Snow Leopard where I could simply put the image I wanted to use in my public folder and point the software to that image.  that way I could easily use Apple Remote Desktop to change the screen to what is current for that day.  There may be a way to do this in Lion but I do not have the time to research that now.

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    Thanks for that follow up report Joe Pyrdek


    I was curious as to what was up with the tiling if already replaced with a full screen image.