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Hey Team,


I've been having major issues with Quicktime/FCP on my MacBook Pro since my upgrade to Snow Leopard. I've been trying to work around them, but it's finally reached a critical mass and created an impenetrable wall that I'm not able to work through.


Quicktime plays videos with a black screen, but does play audio.


MPEG Streamclip can't utilize the MPEG2 Decoder, or transcode any files because it says the codecs aren't installed. (They actually are).


FCP can't import most video/audio content that utilizes Quicktime, such as .aif or .m4a. Quicktime CAN however, playback encoded H.264 files (picture and everything).



I've been working back and forth utlizing my main editor (Mac Pro) (which is at a remote location) to import the .aif files and such, but I can't preview/play them once I bring the project back over to the MacBook Pro. In fact, the .aif files are greyed out when I try to import them as if they weren't a supported file. When I bring the file over with the .aif files in there, I get a General Error when trying to preview/play/render them.


I've re-installed Quicktime Multiple times, repaired permissions, even replaced the hard disk. I've re-installed/repaired FCS multiple times, to no avail. I've trashed the Quicktime preference files and re-installed to no avail.


It seems like a codec issue but it also seems I'm one of the only people on the planet having this issue. This is NOT the same issue as not having the proper codec installed. I definitely have them.


Please DO NOT tell me I don't have the right codecs installed, need perian, need to install QT7 off the CD, need to re-install FCS, update the program, etc. It's all been done. The same functions work on my Mac Pro, so SOMETHING is VERY WRONG with Quicktime/FCP. I need someone who has a good understanding of how to dig deep into the OS and find what's broken and help me fix it. I've gone as far as I know how to go (short of fresh install... which I'm fairly close to doing).

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 3,1, 2.4GHz Core2 Duo, 4GB Memory