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Hi, ive had an iphone 4 when it came out last year and its been brilliant. But recently the battery has been terrible only lasting up to one day as before it would last up to 4 days ++. Took it to the genius guys and it was replaced. The new phone was good for the first couple of days now it swallows the battery life. What could be the source fo this problem???

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    I found the fix to the battery drain problem. What's draining the battery, at least on the 4s, is when you open an app or anything on your iPhone and close it, it is still running in the background sucking the battery life.  You need to close out what is running in the background and to do this, you double tap the device button and you will see your desktop change and at the bottom you will see the apps that are still running.  Press on one of the apps and hold it until you see a red circle with a minus sign in it.  Tap the red circle and it will close.  Close all these running apps and I guarantee you that your battery life will increase bigtime.  You have to close apps everytime you use them so they don't run in the background.