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I recently moved from the UK to Ireland and have updated my profile in the iTunes store to reflect this.


However, when I try to use the app store on my iPhone, it is asking me to confirm my payment details.  When I try to do so, even though it has correctly picked up my Irish address from the profile, it keeps asking me to provide a postcode.


The closest I have to a postcode here is Dublin 18, but when I enter that, it appears to be trying to validate it as a UK postcode.  I can't leave the field blank, and I can't enter the correct information.


I'm now stuck - my credit cards have all been changed to my Irish address but I can't validate them in the app store because of this stupid postcode validation.


Any suggestions, other than better QA on the iPhone store?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    The only advice I can give is to get in touch with Apple Eire,  I realise that there are no postcodes similar to UK ones in the Republic and if you weren't in Dublin you probably wouldn't even have as much as the Dublin18.  Apple Eire have to be able to tell you how you enter your details correctly or if it has not already happened should be able to fully migrate you over to their iTunes store.