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I have a retail (non-academic) version of the Final Cut Pro HD Production Suite. I recently purchased a Final Cut Studio 2 Upgrade.


When I try to install the upgrade, I get a message saying that this is an upgrade serial number and asking me to enter my original serial number. When I enter my original serial number, I get the message "The serial number you entered is not valid." What could be the problem?


The original is "Final Cut Pro HD Retail" and included separate serial numbers for FCP HD, Motion, QuickTime and DVD Studio Pro. I have used this version for years with no problem and I originally purchased it at full retail from the Apple Store, so I know there is nothing wrong with the serial number.


The upgrade says "Final Cut Studio 2 UPG from FCS". Everything I have seen online says that the FCS2 upgrade will upgrade from any prior version of FCP Production Suite. Is that not correct?


What could be the problem here?





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    Use the FCP s/n, and be extra careful, it's super easy to mess up the s/n when typing it in.  Case sensitive.

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    Hi Ben,


    Thanks for replying!


    I tried it and looked very carefully, particilarly for zeros that might be Os, Ones that light be Ls, etc. but still no success. (I'm going to try one more time this evening.)


    I don't know if you know the answer, but would it be saying the upgrade SN was invalid or the original one? I haven't ever installed the upgrade before, but since it identified it as an upgrade SN and then prompted me to the next step, I assume that it is my original SN it doesn't like. (Just so I'm trying to correct the right one).


    Also, is it possible that I bought an upgrade that only upgrades from FCS1 to FCS2? Based on research on the web, I thought there was only one type of upgrade and that it would upgrade from ANY prior full retail version of FCP Production Suite.


    Thanks again!



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    I think that the problem is that this upgrade will not upgrade my FCP 4.5 Retail... I'm quite annoyed because I did a lot of research online and in these forums and everything I could find said that the Final Cut     Studio 2 Upgrade upgraded from all previous versions of Final Cut      Pro or Final Cut Studio. Even when I encountered the problem,      everything I found online said that the Studio 2 Upgrade upgraded from all      previous versions of Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Studio. Finally, I      found one obscure page at Apple that listed 3 different Final Cut     Studio 2 upgrades      and it appears that this one cannot upgrade from FCP 4.5... Why make an upgrade that can't go from version 4.5 to version 6? I'm      annoyed at Apple for making it so confusing. I'm going to try      getting the intermediate upgrade and hopefully that will work.

    Thanks for your input!