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I'm experiencing a weird / almost X-File problem!

I've setup a MacOSX 10.7 Lion server, with more success than pain, nice work apple guys.


Well, now i'm stuck trying to make VPN work.


Whatever i write at Server.app in the "Assign addresses between" XXX "and" "YYY" it tell me that:

"Formatting Error", Please provide a valid value.


I've write down numbers, no more than 3 digits, but as soon as i leave the first field this message pops-up!

I've try to fill the second field first, but the same happens.

I've double checked that this numbers (IP's) where not in use, not by DHPC neither by static configured machines, no way.


I'm driving crazy; i've setup a really complex server and now i'm stuck in a f**** field! (field field!)


someone else out there is having the same problem?

someone has configured the VPN address range without trouble?


thanks and regards from this sunny spain!


Xserve, Mac OS X (10.7)