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Updated from Mac OS X 10.6.8 to Lion (App Store)

Bought Compressor 4 (App Store).

At startup Compressor 4 crashes.

LiveType crash problem solved by adding LiveType framework from old FCP7 hard disk.

Still remaining:

Symbol not found: _ValidateAudioChannelLayout

  Referenced from: /Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/QuickTimeCompon ents

  Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework/Versions/A/QuickTime


Did install the ProAppsQTCodecs 2.0!


Anyone any suggestions?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    i have the same error and not only does compressor crash, but my qt plugin does not work in chrome, and quicktime7 and iMovie crash and all show this same error to this error.


    i have cleared the prefrence list based on suggestions and it still happens.

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    Problem found myself and solved.

    Copy System/Library/Quicktime/QuickTimeComponents.component (in my case version 7.7.1)

    to  ~/Library/Quicktime/

    and replace older version 7.6.9!


    In my situation Keynote 5.1 will open older larger Keynote 5.01 files and also Compressor wil startup now!

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    Little correction about my last reply.

    QuickTimeComponents.component in both locations beneath should be version 7.7.1

    and all will be up and running. Solved problem with Keynote large files and Compressor 4 crashing at startup!



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    thank very much, you saved me a lot of trouble!

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    I can imagine  

    It took me almost 2 days to figure out this one.

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    Well, many many thanks to who ever sorted this one out.

    Just bought a new 2012 Mac Mini and migrated everything over and still Motion 4 and iMovie crashed.


    I found QuicktimeComponents.component 7.7.1 but it wasn't where it should have been.


    There seems to be more locations for QT on the new system than the MacBook Pro I user where it's never been a problem.


    Anyhow, I've replaced the old versions where ever they were (I use Devon EasyFind to find it system wide) with 7.7.1 and wham! All working again. And here I was, after several consults with Genius' at my Apple Store, I'd done something by enabling DTS passthrough with Perian


    All fixed now and I just wanted say MANY THANKS to the original solution provider. You just made me very happy indeed.

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    Glad I good help.

    But strange that this error still occurs after more than 1 year 

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    Hi HansfromHoorn,


    I run into the same problem, after installing Quick Time Player 7 (Pro) on Mountain Lion. I followed the instructions above - I copied the component files from the Quciktime Folder of the System Library into the Quicktime Folder of my User Library - but even after several trials without any success. I am still getting the error "Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: _ValidateAudioChannelLayout."


    I originally copied Quicktime Pro plus its components from a back-up disc onto Mountain Lion. They might have replaced components for Quciktime 10. I am not sure if this adds to the issue. Are there are componetnts or other files that need to me moved or changed?


    I appreciate your advise.



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    After the initial crash and the solution I found, I updated both Mac OS X and Compressor several times. I never had the problem again.

    It is good to understand that Quicktime 7 and QuickTime Player (Mac OS X) are totally different.

    And my problem was not related to QuickTime 7 (Pro) but to QuickTime (Mac OS X).

    Why didn't you install QuickTime 7 from your system DVD?

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    Thank you for the information.


    I was not aware I can get Quicktime 7 from the System DVD. I will follow your advise and perform the several updates.


    All the best