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carrieannegruwell Level 1 Level 1

It just started yesterday afternoon out of no where. I charged it all night, I have used it once and now it almost dead. What do I do??? I updated the software last night and it is still happening.

iPhone 4
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 Level 7

    sounds like a battery malfunction.  Bring your phone in for evaluation to an Apple Store.

  • Grover49 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had my iphone 4s since April and after the initial required charge I have always chargd it daily every morning for about 90 mins or until it shows 100% charged. But, since middle of last week it is losing charge very quicky coming down from 100% to zero and switching itself off after about 6 hours ?? To give it the best possible chance I have switched off Bluetooth and made sure all apps are off.

    I booked an appointment at the Apple Genius bar and after telling me that I need to charge the phone for 6 hours daily regardless of the battery level indicator showing 100% they replaced the battery with a new one and sent me packing. Last night I charged it as advised for at least 6 hours and guess what from 100% to switching itself off due loss of charge took about 6 hours !!!

    I will return to the "Genius" Bar on Thursday to try again.