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We created a new signature for our company.  In the signature, there are embedded images.  Most of our messages are sent from an XP environment using Outlook 2007 on our desktop and notebook computers.  If we reply to a message from an iphone, all of the embedded images in the signatures are stripped out from the email thread, leaving only the file names of the images in their place.  It looks like a big mess.  Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thx!

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Anyone have any ideas?  Or is there just not a fix for this problem?  Images stay intact if someone replies from an Android phone or a Blackberry, but the images are stripped when you reply from an iphone, an ipad, or from Mac mail.

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    We found the fix for Mac Mail in case anyone else has this problem.  Edit - Attachments - Include attachments in replys.  That fix was submitted by WarrenInDenver.  Does anyone else know of any fixes for the iphone or the ipad?

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    I have this exact same issue. We have a new standard signature for all our employees, which includes a .png image of our company logo.


    When someone sends an email to the iphone, the signature arrives intact, with the image viewable. If the iphone user goes to reply, however, the image of our logo is stripped out of the body of the email entirely.


    When forwarding from the iphone, the user is promted to 'include attachments' - choosing the affirmative preserves the image as originally sent.


    But with reply, nothing. Simply opening the editor strips out the embedded image of our logo and replaces it with a placeholder filename.


    Any help?

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    What format are the messages being generated in in Outlook?  I'm betting it's Rich Text. That format is (more or less) proprietary, or at least non-standard. Change the default message format in Outlook to HTML and try it again. I'll bet the images will be preserved in the replies/forwards from the phones.

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    Did you ever figure out a resolution? I've been trying to figure this one out for a few weeks now and it seems impossible.


    Have two images in my signature setup within outlook. One with a hyperlink inside


    When replying from iphone i receive the following message back to me









    Android does not experience this issue as it keeps the HTML. I have no problem with iphone switching the message to plain text, but is there anyway to remove the previous signature (or at least the words) when doing so?

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    Hey, I just figured this out. Go to Setting > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > turn OFF Increase Quote Level. Problem solved.

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    Has anyone got a solution to this which solves the problem from the signature's source? It's fine that there's a fix for mac mail but you can't very well ask all your recipients to change their quote level settings so that your signatures don't come back broken.

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    It did not solve in case of mine.

    Any other idea?

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    Hi All,


    I've been having the same problem for a long time.  Has anyone found a solution?

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    I am also experiencing this problem.  I suspect it is because iOS uses a different CSS template for replies/forwards than it does for new messages.  Does anyone know how to change Mail so that it treats new messages and replies/forwards using the same CSS template?

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    I don't know "why", but I did figure out somethign this morning.  My main email account is a POP3 connection to my mail server using Outlook.  My email signture contains a graphic.  When I open an email I sent on my iPad, the image is stripped out (although there is a suspicious WinMail.dat that makes me think something is reformatting the email).  I fiddled with my email signature where the image was pasted in, and inserted as an image using various formats (GIF, PNG, TIF, JPG), all the same results.  My outlook email format is HTML.


    Then I tried the same thing from my other corporate email account that is attached do an Exchange Server... and that works.  My signature on my Exchange mailbox has a copy/pasted image in it, HTML as the format and the image always shows up on the ipad.  No Winmail.dat


    So...here is the crazy part.  I emailed myself from my POP3 mailbox to my Exchange mailbox...when I opened that email from my Exchange mailbox on the Ipad, the image was there.


    So... does the iPad strip images that originate from a POP3 connection, or does the POP3 server change the format of the email such that the iPad no longer displays the image inline? 


    I'd be curious to know if all the others having trouble with images in their Outlook signature are also using a POP3 connection from Outlook...

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    No POP3 here. I'm using only Exchange. I've found that both iPhone and iPad will send the signature intact with no problems when I am writing a new email. It's replies and forwards that have issues.


    My theory is that iOS uses a different CSS template for replies and forwards—as evident in the body text being dark grey as opposed to black and links taking on a lighter blue color—and that template is not friendly to images in the signature.

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    This issue alone makes me want to jailbreak. Apple's efforts to make iOS simple while locking out people who know what they want is quite frustrating. In this case, it's more of a bug than it is simply a "nice-to-have" feature. I filed a bug report on the Apple Dev site a while ago and there hasn't been any action on it.