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Hello all,


I have an early 2011 i5 Macbook Pro, 8GB ram, 320gb HDD, recently upgraded to Mac OS X Lion. I've been looking through the discussions, but I haven't found any other topic with my same problem, unless I missed it.


My problem is: sometimes I will leave my wireless headset (Plantronics .Audio 995H, via USB) or headphones (via audio jack) plugged in for hours at a time. Once my headset battery dies, or I just decide not to use either my headset or headphones, I will unplug it. When I unplug it, NO sound is coming from the built in speakers whatsoever. Also, when I plug the headset/headphones back in to see if the sound is still going to play through them, it doesn't. I have checked my sound preferences after I unplug (System Preferences > Sound) and it's on the default "Internal Speakers" but no sound is coming out. I press the volume adjust buttons on my keyboard, and they work but still no sound.


This DID NOT happen when I had Snow Leopard..


The only way I can get my sound back is by rebooting. Right when I click restart, all the volume adjust sounds, Skype IM sounds play RIGHT before it reboots. I have done PRAM and anything else suggested by other users in the discussions to reset hardware but nothing has worked. Does anyone else have this problem? and did you find a solution?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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