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I've been trying to alter the display for mail in my new Macbook Air to display whether or not it has attachments and find that mail attributes for all my mail folders are grayed out, except for date and folder.  How can I get those attributes back? Why are they grayed out in the new version of Mac Mail?

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    Try this work around.


    Open Mail,   not  in Full screen mode.  You need  to be in classic lay-out.


    < Command - , > to open preferences if you need to switch



    Then from here <control-click> anywhere in the column area to make additions to the column




    revert back to the new 3 column view.  If you loose one of the columns grab one of the vertical sides and drag it to resize.

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    Thanks!  This works, but I'd sure like to be able to access a couple of those in the new version, since I really like the way that automatically groups by conversation.   Maybe someday....

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    What I meant to say was: it works as long as you stay in the classic view - as soon as you revert back, you lose the other attributes (like attachments) that you selected and which DO show in the classic view.

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    In the new 3-column view you will see the attachment icon  in the middle column, next to the senders name.

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    Sorry - you're right - it DOES show.  I was looking at some messages without attachments so didn't realize it shows without columns - this is really pretty cool!   Mea culpa - thanks for the answer!   So far, I'm loving both my Macbook Air and Lion (after 3 hours of ownership).

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    I had a strangely bizarre fix to this after fiddling around for a minute......


    -In mail I hit:    Command ,   (to get into options)

    -Under the "Viewing" tab I clicked on "Use Classic Layout" and closed the options box.


    My mail then reverted back to the old layout where sent messages were demonstrated accurately.   After deciding that I didn't want to continue in the classic layout, I repeated the process above and unchecked the "Use Classic Layout" option and BANG, my sent messages remained in the correct format within the new mail layout!


    I hope this works for others.   These Mountain Lion Bugs are driving me mad.


    Good Day