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Hi All,


Brand new MacBook Air, 13" i5, 256 SSD, 4GB (Samsung thankfully!), running Lion.


The sensitivity of the built in multi-touch pad seems to be very sporadic. Sometimes the slightest touch on the pad will trigger a click, which is what I am used to on my old MacBook Pro and other times, within a few seconds of the ultra sensitive instance, I can sit there tap the pad 6 or so times before the click is actually acknowledged.


This is very frustrating especially when working away from a desk/mouse/keyboard. In addition to the click feedback, I have also noticed that when tracking the cursor across the screen, it pointer will occasional just stop, then it will catch up again a few seconds later. It is almost like the touch-pad is loosing connection or the software for the touch-pad is have delays processing my input.


I have tried changing the universal settings to slow for double click, as a few other folks have suggested, but it does not seem to make any difference.


This coupled with the fact I've 8 Kernel panics in the past 24 hours, I'm starting to get a little irritated,


Has anyone had any similar experiences with their new Airs running Lion and if so, any tips on what might be going on or how I might be able to fix the issue?


Thanks in advance,



  • JE13 Level 4 (3,920 points)

    Have you done the other, usual things? Repair permissions? Re-start and all that?

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    Hi JE13,


    Thanks for the reply,


    I have reset the permissions and rebooted a few times, I also reset the SMC, all to no avail so far.




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    Hi there, something I have read about MacBooks but do not know if it applies to the Air, does this happen more when the laptop is plugged in or unplugged?  I use my macbook with the plug straight into the adaptor, but it comes with another cable which has a proper earth. 


    Do a test and see if this happens when you 'ground' your hand on the body of the laptop at the same time. 


    If it makes a difference, use the extension lead, as you may have a bad earth.

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    Hi Aricanman,


    I've just tested and can confirm that the issue is present with or without the power connected.


    I did try and earth myself but it made no difference.


    Any other thoughts?



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    I too have the new MacBook Air 13" i5 with Lion and have this same basic problem (haven't noticed the cursor lag but I will look for it).  It goes from doing all sorts of unintended clicks to completely unresponsive.   This trackpad was supposed to be an upgrade but I am now missing my old white MacBook.


    Luckily, I have not experienced the kernal panics but have had ocassional weirdness with Safari in full screen mode.

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    Same problem on a brand new 13" Macbook Air (i7, 256GB). I'm used to the buttery-smooth trackpad performance on a standalone bluetooth trackpad on Snow Leopard. On the Lion, sometimes tap-to-click does nothing for many, many clicks. Then it suddenly responds. Frustrating.


    Will have to return my purchase within the 14-day return period if no fix is forthcoming.


    EDIT: Lion has also completely frozen the system once. Unstable.

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    Screencasts to demonstrate the problem:


    Slow movements version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM71ra7avlY

    Fast movements: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLkmqqQpGjw


    In the videos I move the cursor, then tap -- all the time repeating this pattern. If the cursor is still, I'm just tapping, waiting for a response, then moving on.

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    Hi All,


    An update for all on my situation, I took my Air back to the Apple store. The genius tried to run a couple of low level diagnostics, all of which froze up before they even got started.


    He scratched his head and then swapped it for a new one.


    Since getting my new one, the track pad has been fantastic, smooth and responsive.


    If you guys are still having isues, I'd really think about taking it back.




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    Esperiencing the same problem on a macbook pro about three years old, just upgraded from snow to lion. Major pain. I tried fiddling with all the trackpad settings, to no avail. Very inconsistent problem, comes and goes, sometimes a restart will help. When the problem is present the trackpad is jittery, with frequent unintended clicks causing various unwanted windows to open and close, text to be highlighted when I dont want it to be. Can't return it like Mitchy did..pain.