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I have decided not to install Adobe Flash in Lion. I did the same in Snow Leopard about six months ago. When I need to cheat I use Chrome to open flash-based content because its flashplayer is baked-in i.e. I don't have to download and install the plug-in from Adobe.


In Snow Leopard I found an applescript that allowed me to open the current Safari URL in Chrome. I placed it in Snow Leopard's ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Safari/ folder. This created a persistent (always present) Script menu in the Finder's menubar. This applescript became a clickable item in the Script menu whenever Safari was the frontmost application.


An alternate method to run the same script: I placed it in Snow Leopard's ~/Library/Safari/Scripts/ folder. In this case the Script menu was present only when Safari was open *and* it was the frontmost application.


In either case, I could run the applescript from the Script menu whenever I wanted to see a webpage's flash-based content. In Lion, the Script menu does not appear with either method when attempting to run scripts in Safari.


Am I doing something wrong?


On a related note: I also used scripts in Snow Leopard to help manage my iTunes library. The Script menu appears and the iTunes scripts successfully run in Lion using the second method above i.e. when placed in the ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder. In Lion, the Script menu does not appear in Finder when I drop scripts into the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/iTunes/ folder.

Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7)