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Before I get incredibly frustrated related to Lion, perhaps someone can explain how to do the following, that I rely upon in AppleMail. 


In mail, I'd like to search one or all mailboxes for all emails from 'Elizabeth' and see the latest one.  I use this capability CONSTANTLY. 


I cannot figure out how to do this.  It was easy previously. Now I can only seem to get emails that have 'Elizabeth' somewhere, so if I sort by 'From' I can get hundreds of emails before the one I want, because some emails that have 'Elizabeth' in them somewhere have a 'From' that is not Elizabeth. 


If I sort by date, then potentially dozens of emails more recent than the one I want from 'Elizabeth,' that just have 'Elizabeth' in the emaiil somewhere, but are not

From' 'Elizabeth' show up first. 


I cannot believe anyone would take away this ability.  So I am hoping someone can direct me.  Thanks. 

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    Search for Elizabeth and pick one of the responses under "People". By default, that will do a "from" seach for Elizabeth, which you can change to a "to" or "entire message" search.

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    I do the search for 'Elizabeth' in both new and classic layout, but am unclear of what is referred by 'pick one of the responses under people.'  In looking at the interface, I do not see any reference to 'People.'  I do see the name of persons or their email addresses, related to each message, however I do not think this is what you are referring to in your note. 

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    Here I'm searching for e-mail from l'Actualité magazine:

    Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 8.02.03 PM.png

    Next, I'll select Cyberbulletin L'actualité and click the drop-down to show my "People" options:

    Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 8.02.19 PM.png

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    Ah, very cool.  Thank you! 


    That is something I would not have found on my own for months, if ever. :-)

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    That is one "feature" with Lion. Sometimes you just have to randomly click around to see what happens. You never know when some control will appear out of nowhere because you've moved your mouse just to the right of the file's name in the window titlebar. And when in doubt, hold down the option key to see another set of hidden controls.