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i have an iphone 4 and a new hyundai santa fe......paired them but when i try to call by name, only one in 5 names are recognized. please help!!


it worked like a charm with the 2010 model; now in the 2011 santa fe if i say a name and it has no idea what i'm saying. for instance, 'mom, florida' was interpreted as 'lark, laura". i redid my contacts last name first since that was fix number one. but still it won't recognize names. and it's not just my feminine voice, the manager at my local hyundai dealer was so frustrated that he saw it wasn't 'me'. but they claim it's not their problem, and att store says it's not their's either.

iPhone 4
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    It workded like a charm with the 2010 model but not with the 2011 Santa Fe, so this leads the dealer to come to the conclusion it must be an Apple or iPhone problem?


    You can rule out ATT since ATT has notthing whatsoever to do with this.


    Are your iPhone contacts synced with the Sante Fe via bluetooth when your iPhone is connected?


    Either way, the voice recognition is being done by the Santa Fe system?


    If so, not sure how this is an iPhone problem. Does this Hyundai system include the "made for iPhone" certification? If so, Hyundai certainly bears some responsibility if not all responsibility.