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I use Safari on my MacBook pro to connect to a Windows environmenbt at work that uses Citrix.  The applet uses Java and has been working fine.  Now that I have updated Safari to 5.1, I get the folowing error message when I try to connect.


This browser does not use the Cocoa Java Plug-In.

1) Make sure that the JVM 1.4.1 or later is installed

2) Check that this browser supports Java for Cocoa (such as Safari)


Then I get an Application Security box that says:


Unsupported browser


On Mac, the client applications session manager requires Safari 1.0 or later. Other browsers are not supported.



This is obviously not true as I am using Safari 5.1.


I know that the Citrix environment is working correctly because I can conect to it on my iPad.  The only thing that I think has changed is the version of Safari.


My Java software is up to date (v 1.6).  Anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?






13" MacBook Pro & G5 iMac Rev. B., Mac OS X (10.6.7), iPhone 3Gs with iOS4, iPad2
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