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Mac OS X

Well, I'm not sure if this has been debated yet but what I find out is that the old function that we got so comfortable with in Pages, Numbers and Keynote still works after a full install of the OSX Lion.

If you do a fresh install of OSX Lion on an empty Hard Drive and then get the iWork CD and do a fresh install the old "Save As.." still works. What you got to avoid doing is don't update the iWork. Deactivate the warning about the update and continue to use the iWork pre Lion. All the Versions, Duplicate, Full Screen, Resume, Auto Save ... etc from the Lion and iWork Update 6-Version 9.1 features are not there. So we continue to work like before. No problem. There is nothing spectacular in the new update of iWork that we need. Stay with the old one and you can still have the "Save As..." and still enjoy the Lion.