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I've been fighting with Lion Server since release date and have yet to be able to have Profile Manager working for more than a couple hours or 2-3 device enrollments. Sometimes I'll get enrollment failures. Sometimes I'll get user profiles that disappear from the enrollment UI (first with a 401 error, then the profile is completely gone but only from the enrollment UI). When it was working, devices wouldn't update profile settings via push.


My main question, am I just fighting a battle that's impossible to win. Is it broken beyond use for everybody?

I have a client deploying 15 or so iPads in a couple weeks and I'm getting to the point I need to look into other options if this is futile.

  • Tim Bloom1 Level 1 (110 points)

    Hmm, interesting.

  • applepai Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been fighting with it as well. Come Monday I'll likely call Apple.

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    Yep, same for me.

    Profile Manager has never worked.

    I have a brand new Mac mini server with Lion server pre-installed.

    Have tried reinstall but that is a joke with the new set up.

    I just want to do a reformat and completely clean reinstall.

    No can do!

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    When I try to enroll devices (iPhone) I get "Invalid Profile". I don't even see where I can change the Device Enrollment profile. I'm with you guys, this ***** because I have 10 iPads to test deploy and an additional 290 iPads on the way. This MDM ability was going to make it easy, but I might have to just use ACU and do this manually if it won't behave. I really need this feature to work.


    The "My Devices" page just shows up blank on the iPad... Anyone know where to grab logs for Profile Manager?

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    Did you install the Trust Profile on your client before attempting device enrollment?


    afp548.com has some good videos on Profile Manager and Lion Server btw.

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    Thanks for the link - I used to check this site but hadn't in some time! Good info. I have NOT tried installing the Trust Profile first. Will try  - thanks

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    I went back and took your advice and installed T. Profile first on my clients. Now it all works...

    Thanks for the tip!

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    I ran into serious problems with macs that I had migrated from Snow Leopard. What seemed to work for me was to do a clean install on every mac (this means erasing the harddrive and installing fresh) using the USB install method (you can also use that method to burn an install DVD -- plenty of links in google).


    After that I had no more issues ... well, none that pertain to issueing profile payloads. There are some other issues with default (Everyone Group) email payloads not being configurable for SSL, but that's a different story.


    With all the problems I experienced when migrating to LION, they resolved themselves by doing a clean install.

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    I've got it working, there are some really amazing tips via afp548 website. This site will definetly help with the youtube videos they have posted:





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    I saw the AFP548 videos the other week and now they are all gone.  I didn't have the time to look since I had to get our labs up and running for the semester and pulled 6 day week sand 10-12 hour days throughout August.


    Now I'm playing with Lion and Lion Server and the videos seemed to be pulled.  My main issue is that Profile Manager seems to loose Devices, and at the same time, my managed client won't allow Admin in with the ignore management settings.  Which means I need to now re-install the box.


    Why did Apple have to mess with something that has been functional for 6+ years?  Maybe improve on it... but if this stuff is this buggy, Lion will not see the light of day for a long time in our labs.



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    Is there anything on the Mac i need to open up to be able to access profile manager from over the internet? It all works internally but have had no success connecting from the Internet, which of course is needed for policy push, remote wipe, etc.


    Traffic is coming through the firewall fine, am I missing something to do on the server itself? Thanks.



  • Tim Bloom1 Level 1 (110 points)

    Just the HTTP or HTTPS ports need to be directed/opened to the server for the web-based profile manager, depending if you have SSH enabled for web or not.

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    Thanks for the reply, I did actually figure out the issue, networking problem on my end. All good now.