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Almost embarrassed to post this, but the situation is dire. My wife has a newer white mb, one of the last one's produced and running 10.6.8 with all updates applied. She has three browsers she uses: FF. Safari, and Chrome - also all at the latest level.  But she plays Cityville. A lot. And invariaby, the browser she is using will lock up or in general, performance is pee poor. I understand these are flash games and I hear adobe and apple are having a playground spat over that, but is there anything that can be done, short of getting her a netbook...which she now wants. if I have to support another PC in my lifetime, i will look for a gun. well, thx.

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    any luck? i have the same issue with my iMac and zynga games (not citiville, though but I assume their flash engine works the same in their other games).  Its killed my iMac twice now to the point of having to reload the OS. I am really tempted to stop wasting my time on zynga games - but then I would have to do more actual work.

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    No, no change here, even with a total Lion makeover on her macbook. She plays everyday, and her fan is always running when she does, and she expierences hangs every few hours of zynga time -  I've watched her, and she justs clears the browser cache and starts the game again. She does not use Safari, but Chrome, as she says the problems are less there. But at least she has stopped grumbling for a PC... so for me, problem is solved

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    Any new suggestions for this problem?  This is the same issue (late 2007 white MB, wife, and Empires & Allies).  I have tried changing the right-click settings in flash and that has not worked either.  Can't convince her to go back to Windows (my own fault at this point).  Are newer MBP, MBA and iMacs having the same problem?  How do Windows machines handle Zynga?

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    It gets worse. Now she wants an iPad, or tablet... but not sure if any will run cityville