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On my MBP, I have a small problem that resists a solution.


When I go to System Preferences/Users and Groups, I notice in "Click the Lock to Make Changes" that my account is locked. This presents a problem. For some reason, my account is listed as being a Regular Account (not Administrator). As a result, any time I try to click the lock to make changes, the system asks me for an Account Name and Password.


But in a kind of Mac Catch-22. When I enter the Account Name and Password, I get a shaky-screen error (indicating that the login or password hasn't been accepted). Apparently, a Regular Account lacks sufficient privileges even to Click the Lock to Make Changes. I cannot change logins or passwords, or other Admin functions.


To make things simpler, I'm a Lion user with a Regular Account. I want it to be an Admin Account. How do I make this change?


Thanks - I hope this is an easy one!

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