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I'm trying to get a handle on Aperture vs iPhoto11. I've imported photos from folders into Aperture, deleted the folders, and Aperture can't then find the referenced files now, so I've had to restore all the deleted folders.


Should I be importing every photo into iPhoto11 and then only importing the photos I want to do more work with to Aperture? Ie keeping most of my library in iPhoto11 apart from a few recent imports.


I'm trying to avoid a huge amount of duplication as well as keeping things organised.


I also don't know how to now make sure that those photos are in Aperture and not the folders. Should I just put them into iPhoto11?


I can't seem to resize photos in either - is that right??


I'm using Aperture largely to smarten up some photos for a web site. I want to then make thumbnail size photos of the same things, but I need thumbnails to be specific dimensions (133 x 199) and neither program seems to be able to do this.

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Okay so I've seen the Lynda.com link and will watch those videos when I get a moment. But in the meantime should I be exporting all my photos out of Aperture, wiping it and reimporting the photos but keeping the masters referenced? Or can I not do that if all the photos are still in all their random folders?

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    Use Aperture or iPhoto, but not both.


    You can do what you want in either.  If iPhoto meets your needs, use it.  It is designed as a turn-key photo storage and publishing app, and works well right out of the box.  Aperture is 10x more powerful and complex, and will require 10x more time to get set up and working the way you want.


    This short post of mine may help you as you get started.  I recommend reading the first eight chapters of the User Manual (which provide a general introduction and a map of the interface).


    Until you are comfortable with the basic operation and organization of Aperture, I recommend sticking with Managed Masters (store files in your Aperture Library)


    Use the Crop tool to set an Image's aspect ratio.


    Use an Export Preset to fix the pixel dimensions of the image-format files you are creating by exporting.

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    NM, Kirby got it.