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Hey guys,


Recently my FaceTime HD Camera has been intermittent. It is not working on Photo Booth or Facetime. I even tried to use it on Windows 7 via Parallels and try to record a video via youtube, still the same problem. So the problem is not the OS, it has to be the camera. Will resetting the SMC solve this problem?



Purple flicker

Does not load at all

Load at times with freezes


The weird thing about it, is when I hold the lid with my fingertips at the side, like how you would if you wanna adjust your screen, the camera works fine. For example, when launching photo booth, the spinning wheel will keep on searching for my cam. Green light is on, but no visual. However, when I use my hand to hold the lid still, visual comes up fine. The moment I release the lid, my image freezes. Anyone with the same problem or experience a fix for this?


I really do not wanna send this to Apple Service Centre because my school starts in a week and I can't afford to be without a computer. Please help ):

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), (Early 2011)