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I am thinking about upgrading to Lion. I now have both Microsoft Office 2004 and i-Works "11. I know that Word 2004 doesn't work in Lion. I have a lot of Word (Doc) documents. If I upgrade to Lion can Pages still open those Word 2004 documents and will Pages still allow me to save a Pages document as a Word formated document as it does now or do I have to upgrade Office to 2011 edition to still do this?

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    If you can open the documents now and save then in world format then after upgrade you can,i mean you can do it in Lion too so the answer is yes and yes.

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    The functionality of Pages in this regard is not dependent on the OS or on the presence of Office.  Pages can still save as a Word document just fine in Lion, without Office, as it can for you right now.  If you haven't done it before, it's not perfect, but the latest version of Pages is pretty good at saving and opening Word docs.

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    Pages will be able to open your Word documents but depending on the documents, you may or may not be happy with the results. Pages is Word compatible but it is not a Word clone. I've found that my Word files with tables and floating graphics are the ones most likely to import looking very different from the original. Since you have Pages now, open some of your Word documents and look at the results.


    BTW, there's a free Office clone called LibreOffice that does a pretty darn good job of opening Office documents and saving documents that Word users can open.