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I am a 20 year Microsoft IT person and have in the last year moved to apple.  I have replaced my home network with the timecapsule/airport and have eliminated all my PCs except a win 7 64bit workstation and win2003 server.  I have top end macbook airs purchased 10/2010 (11 and 13") with the Lion OS.  


I support other businesses and one of my client CEOs just went to mac. I had to load Microsoft Office 2010 for Mac for him to function in the office.  I always load my machine the same to enure I can support as needed.  Prior to loading office on my machine, the RDP client to my win 7 worked flawlessly.  I am on my mac and remote desktop for 4-15hours in a day.  Life was good.


I loaded the MSOffice and it updated my mac client RDP.  I have had the 2 click and freeze problem ever since.  This was pre-lion and lion (thinking the OS may resolve).  I have loaded 5 different clients including logmein, teamviewer, coderd, uninstall/reinstall the microsoft download of rdp.  All remote clients are freezing or horribly slow.  So now I am trying to find where to search next.  Again, I did Microsoft support for years and know how to troubleshoot most everything there.  I am new to apple and dont know were to go next. 


My thinking is that either the firewall on the airport (I read about an MTU setting incompatibility for the freeze as a resolve) or something in the library folders on the mac where the rdc connections are -- needing to remove some list file (Dont know how to access in mac). I have removed all other listeners i loaded on the windows machine -- jump, wyse, logmein, teamviewer -- I also reviewed the firewall loaded which is norton 360. 


I am going to next test the following combos to collect more data and try to isolate the source (mac+office or win7 pc)

- mac with office - rdc to win2003 server

- mac without office - rdc to win7


I have spent hours on this because this is my business and I really need to be able to cleanly connect to a win7 server from my macbook air (I am going to have to go buy a win7 laptop which i am fighting so I can stay on the mac).  I dont care if I have to buy a third party app.  I have tried the apple store and they are not technical enough to assist with this level of discussion.


Please help if you have any thoughts

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I did more testing with the other RDC to the server and also logged in via firepass, vpn to different offices I support and have no RDC problems there.  So, was able to isolate to the win7 machine.


    I changed my google focus to win 7 remote freeze and elimated the MAC from the search.  I got a couple of hits on the NIC and drivers being an issue.  I also found a hit about using wireless and how for each user win7 defaults the connection and you need to open to all users explicitly.  I checked my win7 machine and during a recent "cleanup" in my office, the win7 was unplugged by my husband (who is not technical) and when I re-plugged all the servers, routers, etc. I used the wireless antenea on my desktop versus a hard wire.  That was the problem.  I removed the wireless and hard wired the ethernet and all is good again in my mac world (which I am enjoying currently).


    Problem solved.  Hope this many hours of pulling my hair out can help someone else.