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I am a new Apple user and am using OSX Lion.

I noticed while browsing around in the "Finder" that in my home folder or location if you want to call it that....is a folder called "Public" and in that folder is a folder called "Drop Box".

From what I have read on the internet,"Drop Box" is some kind of sync application that you have to sign up for and is not from Apple.

I did not sign up for anything like this......... How did this "Drop Box" folder get onto my iMac ?

Is this "Drop Box" affiliated with the internet "Drop Box" application at all or is this just a coincidence?



I wish Apple had more of a comprehensive "How To" or at least...."This Is What This Is...." book out there.


Thank you for any answer you may provide.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)