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  • SPMacguy Level 1 Level 1

    YES!!!! This works! It is so great to have the clips back. It's a bit of a pain to have to do this for all the different mailboxes I have, but it is so worth it. Thanks to you and to the original poster - surprising how something so small can make such a big difference. I wonder how the first poster figured out this unusual solution. 

  • leroydouglas Level 6 Level 6

    iBiM wrote:


    Solved - I have the same problem and found a solution to resurrect the clip icons in the sent folder.

    I read it on another Apple post and revised it slightly to work a bit easier.  See below :


    [ Note : For the original solution click on the link and go down to oakmontoz's solution. ]


    1 - Create a rule in the Mail Preferences pane

    2 - Call it "Get My Paperclip Icons Back!"

    3 - Set conditions as below :

    A - If ALL of the following conditions are met :

    B - From Ends With [Your email address here]   (you can do this for multiple too]

    C - Any Attachment Name Contain "."  [with the quotations around the dot]

    Perform the following  actions :

    D - Mark as Read  [which really makes no impact on how its viewed]


    Click Ok.  When message "Do you want to apply your rules to messages in selected mailboxes?" I chose "Dont Apply".  [But you can click "Apply" if you are in the "Sent Folder"


    Then go to your sent folder, Select your messages [recent/all], and right click "Apply Rules" or from the menu Message -> Apply Rules.


    Voilla!  Paperclip icons are back.  Plus "Mark as Read" did no harm to your already colored/flagged sent emails.


    Hope this helps!


    Note :  If you could make this rule apply automatically when you send mail, well... until Apple fixes this problem, this would be the seamless solution.  Until then, you would have to do it manually.


    Hmmm.  I tried various combinations as well as your specfic details above.  I did NOT work for me.  (???)

  • leroydouglas Level 6 Level 6



    I finally got this to work with two modifications to the above stated rules.


    1.  Only accepted one email address.  I tried seperate by comma, and again with space seperation only. No go either case. I had to create seperate rule for each "From" email address.


    2. Any Attachment Name Contains "."  There should be no "quotes" around the (.) in this rule.





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    Fantastic - it works!    That's a huge improvement.  Thanks.


    Though I've made a disturbing discovery in the process that one folder has both mysteriously lost 2 months of emails and none of these 4000 emails show a trace of having had attachments at all (and so the rule trick fails here).  I know some 10-15% of them did have attachments.  No idea why this happened and just to the one folder.



    Arrrrggggghhhhhhh - Mail!

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    leroydouglas!  Nice!  I'm glad it worked for you!


    Correct - works for one email address/box at a time.  Not multiple unfortunately.

    As far as the "." - this is how I have it in my rule [with quotation] and it works like a charm.


    Looks like the multiple email addresses was the issue.



  • iBiM Level 1 Level 1

    diana!  great!  btw - as far as loosing emails.  Off this topic - but go to Library - Mail - Mailboxes or IMAP [depending if your folder was local or IMAP] and check to see if the emails are there.  If so, from Mail rebuild folder or re-import it.  Otherwise check your backups... 

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    Many many thanks. Can't understyand why latest iOS upgrade did not fix this.


    John from Milton Keynes UK

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    I can not thank you enough for posting this rule/fix!!! You just made my day...I so appreciate it!

    Your instructions were perfectly clear and it worked like magic! You rock!

  • nonprofit Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you iBiM,

    You are right about needing to create seperate rules. I just created a "copy" of the original rule and changed the email address to my second account.  such a relief to have this fixed!

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    For the record, Apple has not fixed this problem with sent mail in Mountain Lion / Mail 6.0.

  • Erik Singer Level 1 Level 1

    I skipped Lion and so was only recently introduce to this issue with Mountain Lion. I didn't realize it was also a Lion issue until I found this thread.


    I was hoping for a fix in the ML update to 10.8.1, but alas no luck.


    I have filed a request for a fix. Perhaps if enough people do, we won't need to create a workaround with Rules to get Mail to operate properly.

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    The original problem still exists with OS X 10.8.3 and Mail 6.3,  but the rule tip works.   Thanks very much!

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    iBiM, thank you for posting this. I've been struggling with disk space. Your tip works now I just have to go thru my many mailboxes....

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    Thanks much for the help. It was driving me bananas! Leecy