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I just updated to iTunes and now Overdrive doesn't recognize that iTunes is running.  I've tried rebooting twice, as well as restarting iTunes and Overdrive multiple times.  I can't get the audiobook I downloaded onto my iPod.  It's very frustrating.  I've been downloading books via Overdrive for over a year with no problems.  Now, suddenly it doesn't work.  The message is "The Overdrive Media Console Transfer Wizard is not able to connect to iTunes..."  Also "No portable players could be found."


I wonder if anyone else has this problem after the iTunes upgrade. 

iPod nano, Windows XP, iTunes
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    It's not just you, and I'm glad to know that it's not just me, now if someone can just find a fix, we'll both be happy. I just got OverDrive Media today, so not a great first impression. With me though it said requires iTunes v9.0.2 (or newer). I have

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    Yes, I got that message too.

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    I use iTunes v10.4.0.80 and Overdrive v3.2.0.5 (just as you do) with Windows Home Premium 64-bit. I kept the 4 minute "Welcome to Overdrive Media" wma audiobook that came with Overdrive and just transfered that again to my iPod Nano 5th Gen and played it with no problems.


    The problem isn't with all installations of our versions of iTunes and Overdrive.  Rather it seems to be with just some installations.  The two in this thread are the first such problems of which I've heard.


    Have you checked to see if the WMA audiobook you are trying to transfer is authorized for transfer to portable devices?  Many are not.  The icon indicating portable device transfer authorization is reflected in the audiobook library listing as described in the "How to Transfer to a Portable Device" tutorial in the Overdrive Media Console Guided Tour (videos) at http://www.overdrive.com/Solutions/Libraries/tour/MenuWelcome.html.


    Forgive me for restating things you may already know, but the portable device must already be plugged into iTunes and, when you highlight the mobile device in the left hand menu of iTunes, the "Manually manage music and videos" box must be checked in the Summary Tab.  At that point, selecting a book in the Overdrive Media Console and clicking the Transfer button should begin the process of format conversion to the portable device.


    Other than those, I am out of suggestions.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.  Perhaps they will help gabrielthebright. 


    The properties for the audiobook say "Transfer to Apple Device: Permitted".  I double checked (again) that I have Manually manage music and videos checked in iTunes.  I have my iPod plugged in.  I've been downloading books from Overdrive for over a year.  I can't figure out why it's not working this time.  I downloaded a couple of books about 2 weeks ago with no problems.


    I'm going to try hitting the Restore button on my iPod after I've listened to the books I've got already loaded.  I don't want to lose them if I can't put them back on. 

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    I have fixed my problem.  I'm stupid for not thinking of this in the first place.  I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes.  Now I can download from Overdrive again.

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    I experienced the same problem, and uninstall-reinstalling iTunes resolved it. Thanks, bjbarrow.