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  • SmokenSound Level 1 (20 points)

    I've expiriencing this problems for like two mounths after new Waves and Plugin Alliance plugins come out! It was like ****! Kramer HLS, PIE, TAPE on master channel and few Maag EQ's + Character, and i just cant work no more =(  Cant Mouse click, Stop/Play, Mute/Solo ((


    But for me opening Logic in 64bits makes little differense ! It is little better and UI can stand some extra Plugins. However i cant work normally with 32bit AU's with that stupid one plugin window !


    So yesterday i rolled back to Snow Leopard! There is no easy way to do that, so i did a clean install and collect files from Lion's Time Machine backup manually!


    And i got to say :


    I REALY FORGOT HOW SMOOTH AND FAST CAN LOGIC UI be !!! ITS INCREDIBLE  !!! Problem is completely solved ! Logic acting realy great with lot of heavy graphical plugins and tons of ChannelEQ's visualisers on HIGH !


    Im not going back to Lion till 10.7.9 or something and logic 9.1.9 =)





    Macbook pro i7 2.2, SSD+HDD, 8GB ram,  6750m 1GB

  • ph47 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah.  I figured a rollback to 10.6.8 would be the trick.  I've really had not much but headaches w/ Lion, and not only with the pro-apps and music stuff, but email, iCloud, the whole thing.  Not good.


    I'm considering a rollback as well, but that seems like a monumental task at this point.  How easy was it to do w/ Time Machine?  How long did it take?

  • Pancenter Level 6 (9,425 points)

    LION = Windows Vista

  • SmokenSound Level 1 (20 points)

    Not so long as you think) I got SSD with system + optibay HDD for projects and librarys so I did backup w/ Lion's Time machine, but only System SSD ~70GB. Then format SSD and clean install Snow Leo (you must name your HD the same as before, and enter acc and name as same before !!! Another way you will be messing with premission and privileges on Time Machine backup files.)


    Then you just manually get all your docs, apps and apps files (~system hd/library or ~users/username/library)  from time machine backup folder.


    ~ 3 hours and you got clean system and all your stuff working perfectly!


    Anyway if something goes wrong, you always have your Lion's TM backup.




    My mbp working temp in Lion ~80 C* with no hard load , in Snow leo ~65 C* =)

  • Darren Burgos Level 1 (10 points)

    I responded earlier to this post. I upgraded my video card in my Mac Pro (it originally only had 256 megabytes) and everything has been running flawlessly in Lion. I'm a mixing and mastering engineer and use this system at least 10 hours a day. I've even switched to 64 bit and --at the moment-- I couldnt be happier. The problem absolutely has to do with graphics performance. It was a 100% fix when I sawpped the card. Hopefully Apple will do some testing on their own, and figure out a solution for Logic users without upgradable systems like mac Minis and Mac Book Pros.

  • Pancenter Level 6 (9,425 points)

    Darren, All..


    This problem is definitely not Logic, it is system wide over a number of apps. A tech has mentioned that it may have something to do with the firmware of a particular machine. So far... it's been noticed most on recent iMacs, MBPs and Minis. What's odd is, older laptops are running the heavy duty Pro Apps just fine yet a new i7 MBP is choking.

  • hypnotik Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All,


    Here is another topic created by myself on logicprohelp.



    Hope Apple is reading us right now....


    I've also tried to install 10.7.4 beta but no way the same problem occurs. I'm tired of testing, debugging, troubleshooting, Apple do your job please. Now i've rolled back to SL, everything is smoother....


    BTW good to know i'm not alone...




    PS : I've upgraded my nvidia video card to an ATI which cost me almost 500$ without any enhancement in Logic


    My system


    Mac Pro Nehalem 2009 2x2,26 / 16gb

  • hypnotik Level 1 (0 points)


  • SmokenSound Level 1 (20 points)

    Also i got that windows "cmnd + s" habbit lately, because of logic "stability". That's just sad guys.

  • hypnotik Level 1 (0 points)

    New feedbacks ? Anyone?

  • Rohail Hyatt Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a similar issue that I just resolved. Turned out I had some files being used off the network and that was causing Logic to respond very sluggisly to commands. Consolidating the project fixed the issue..

  • SimonB76 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone tried upgrading their systems to 10.7.4 to see if Apple's latest update makes any difference?  I was on 10.7.3 but downgraded back to 10.6.8 because of the problems with laggy.

  • Boyd Ostroff Level 2 (195 points)

    FWIW, I just downloaded Logic 9 from the App Store and am running it on a 13" i5 Macbook Air with 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD under MacOSX 10.7.3. I find the program very responsive, and am seeing low latency when recording live audio on two tracks. Have not attempted anything complex since I've only spent a couple hours playing around and learning the software (I'm a new user).


    Perhaps one difference in my case is that my MacBook Air is only a couple months old and came preloaded with 10.7.

  • fluffy Level 1 (25 points)

    Or maybe you haven't run into the issue that's causing the problems.  The common situation seems to be having multiple plugins with certain visual displays (EQ with analyzer turned on, multimeter, etc.) with a multi-monitor setup.


    My current system is a Mac mini that came preloaded with 10.7 and it has this problem.

  • Boyd Ostroff Level 2 (195 points)

    I was really just responding to the OP who said "It's happening even if I only have one or two tracks". You may very well be right, as I said, I'm new but just thought I would share my initial impression. I am using a 23" Apple Cinema display as a second screen connected to my MBA with a mini displayport adaptor FWIW

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