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  • ZXC Level 2 Level 2

    sabin333 wrote:


    I see that Lion 10.8.2 is out now.  Has anyone tried to test it out yet?


    I'd try it out myself, but I'm waiting to download Logic 9 because:

    1) I wanna see how this bug turns out

    2) I don't have my App Store gift card yet



    I use 10.8.2, but believe I got rid of my lag issues before it was out, by removing some 3rd part drivers (not related to music) which I didn't use. So I can't really tell if 10.8.2 makes a lot of difference.


    I don't know which Logic version you use now, but if you want to update to Logic 9 (highly recommended!), why not wait until they have released a new subrelease? The current version is from before MountainLion was released.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    I've read in a couple other threads that folks testing the 10.8.2 upgrade report the problem persists. 

  • SmokenSound Level 1 Level 1

    Hm just wondering, if i downgrade from Snow Leopard to Leopard will it increase logic perfomance more ? =)


    Yesterday check all my plugins to match latest version, all of my Brainworx, Plugin Alliance, 112db and Waves plugins are up to date ! And still i see some lags when mixing serious projects in 32bit logic on SL. God bless that almost every plugin pack is 64 bit now, cuz that black 32-bit bridge window is so freakin unfriendly =(


    Btw , have anybody check logic's 8 behavior ? I now there are some tricks to make it work in Lion and ML.

  • Pancenter Level 6 Level 6

    Logic was only supported up to 9.1.5 in Leopard.


    If you've updated all your plugins I would imagine some of them are not Leopard comatible either.

  • SmokenSound Level 1 Level 1

    Dont wanna go to Leo anyway, just interesting ) I think my setup is good, and dont matter if its not perfect logic expirience, its best i can get now )

  • nicowieditz Level 1 Level 1

    I made a parallel installation of Snow Leopard with an additional SSD and the same slow lag problem of Logic 9.1.x happened after inserting triple numbers of plugins than I used in Lion and Mountain Lion. Furthermore I thinned out all fat-filed plugins to 64bit via lipo, but nothing has changed.


    I guess there are few bugs: Logic 9.1.x in relation to SL, Lion and ML - solution could be Logic Pro X with new GUI. next bug could be compatibility between third-party plugs and logic internal plugs.


    The problem is that the delay of responding to commands is going longer and longer. longest time I had to wait was apx. 2 minutes. Unbelievable.


    My system is fast enough: 12 core MP, 64GB RAM and SSD. When logic is going slower and slower, my CPU is used less than 2 % and the hard drive usage is also less than 2 %. Sometimes I have this problem by using just 1 Audio Track.


    APPLE has to react!!!


    Actually I am working under Snow Leopard and it works fine for my actual usage!

  • SmokenSound Level 1 Level 1

    From the parallel topic:





    Here's a cut'n paste of the answer I got from an engineer today:



    engineering confirmed that there may be unresponsiveness with Logic Pro 9.1.6 and 9.1.7 in Lion and Mountain Lion when plug-ins displaying meters or analyzers are used.

    Usually closing the plug-in windows or turning off the analyzer will improve the GUI response.

    You can also use a single plug-in window, and use the Show Channel Strip and Show Insert drop down menus in the plug-in window to choose that is displayed.


    The issue will be more likely fixed with the release of a software update.


    For now there is not any other work around or solution to apply".


    - A

  • albertneve Level 1 Level 1

    I've been using Logic for the last years (10 if I'm not wrong), and I CAN SAY that Logic Pro is unusable. I work everyday 8-10 hours with it, and this bug is RIDICULOUS. It's not possible to work with it, there's no matter what you do, finally the lag makes it unusable. I tried every workaround I read, but after 15 minutes with 60 tracks there's nothing to do about, just restart, and pray. If apple doesn't fix this in the next days, I'll change to another sequencer for now, I can't stop my workflow every 15 minutes. The worst thing is that I already know A LOT of engineers, producers, etc that already left Logic Pro... is this the way Apple take care of Pro sector?


    Sorry, I forgot... MacPro 8x2.4, 512 SSD, 6 Tb HD, 20 Gb RAM, ML 10.8.2 and Logic 9.1.7... this is not enough??

  • nicowieditz Level 1 Level 1

    Albert, you are right, but I won't leave Logic Pro. I will go back to Snow Leopard for a while till Apple has fixed the bug, then I will make a roll-back to ML 8.2 and go on.


    It is indeed ridiculous.


    I am working with 12.core, 64 GB RAM & SSD's and could not believe what happened in Logic since using Lion.

    First I thought any third-party plugin created this mistake, but after thinning out everything from FatFile to only 64bit file via lipo, the same happened again.


    I cannot wait till Apple's Logic Team will stop sleeping. Da..!

  • jonathan293 Level 1 Level 1

    Seriously, this is unnacceptable.


    The Logic development team is nowhere near pro level. They obviously didn't test their work on the new OS.

  • Michael Siedenbiedel Level 1 Level 1

    I can only repeat me, @all: try to reinstall the last Prokit Update available: this is the only thing I did, and I don't have this issue anymore. As well on 10.7.4 as on 10.8.2 which I use since 2 days! After reinstalling the Prokit I never was able to reproduce this lag!

  • chorleyman Level 4 Level 4

    albertneve wrote:


    Sorry, I forgot... MacPro 8x2.4, 512 SSD, 6 Tb HD, 20 Gb RAM, ML 10.8.2 and Logic 9.1.7... this is not enough??

    I totally understand why you're really ****** off with this, but the way that Apple seem to be developing suggests to me that they design software to work with their latest hardware - it is a matter of selling more hardware, of course - to some people within the Apple organisation its their primary concern but there is only one definite possibility and that's that computers will continue to advance in their capabilities and the software for them has to keep pace with it. I've had a degree of acceptance that that's the case for a few years - there has been a definite change in the Apple machine make-up since maybe 2011-2012.


    jonathan293 wrote:


    The Logic development team is nowhere near pro level. They obviously didn't test their work on the new OS.

    Software development teams work on stuff over long periods of time, so its always best if they keep the same team - human occurences happen over periods of time, so its a great idea, but I don't know if any of the original team still have anything to do with it (e.g.Gerhard Lengeling) - I think its likely that a lot of the people involved with Logic development do all sorts of other stuff too and they're only pulled together when necessary, which is the difference between a large, multinational company and a small concern that really wants to deliver their idea - is it an excellent product that enables peoples imagination or does it bring in enough money?

  • fluffy Level 1 Level 1

    ...except that when I first reported this problem, I was running LITERALLY BRAND NEW Apple hardware, their latest-and-greatest just-shipped-for-the-first-time mid-2011 bundled-with-and-made-for-Lion Mac mini.

  • RAM.GARZA Level 1 Level 1

    Hi! im on 10.8.2 i got this message


    A newer version of this software is already installed.




    how do you install in 10.8.2?



  • chorleyman Level 4 Level 4

    Interestingly, I'm using the latest Mac Mini Server, which came with Lion and I don't have a single issue - unfortunately I'm a humble musician and don't have enough knowledge about the construction of Apple machines to make any categorical statements, but I know that Apple changed their machine architecture sometime last year (I think) and it seems to be the only viable explanation - I'm open to another one if anyone cares to proffer one.

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