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  • ZXC Level 2 (180 points)

    Preen wrote:


    Well Its much better than it used to be though, but I had the same unresponsiveness when I had 2 (1 eq with analyze on and one softube plugin with some graphical content) plugins open and playing the song...


    But can't recreate the problem so don't know if it was just some glitch...


    In order to find out if what this version is fixing, I guess you need to see if you can recreate the problem with Logic's own plugins only.


    The release notes say "Resolves performance issues when using plug-ins that provide frequent graphic feedback", but if the lagginess is caused by plugins which "provide frequent graphic feedback", I guess some non-Apple plugins may need an update as well.

  • GeraldXDixon Level 1 (0 points)

    WE GOT IT!!! the update is out!

  • curtwilhelm Level 1 (0 points)

    It works!!


    UI lag is fixed, just installed and proved ...



  • fluffy Level 1 (25 points)

    Hopefully this has finally been fixed, then!  Tonight I'll try running Logic through its paces on a project which was causing the problem very easily.

  • Goreteks Level 1 (10 points)

    Seems to work for me as well.  Lion 10.7.5 here.  Wish i would have known this was coming out a few days ago, i spent a fair chunk of a day putting a Snow Leopard partition on my Imac for the sole reason of eliminating Logic's GUI lag haha. 

  • seantyas Level 1 (0 points)

    Seems to be sorted here, though I fear may be jixing myself, so will report back after a weekend of heavy usage!


    Regardless, I can't help but be excited!

  • SmokenSound Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks to all YOU guys who keep this thread up !!! Finaly after a year our voice heard !


    Hope Logic team doesnt skrew up big time again, cuz its realy blowing trust to Apple co.



  • ZXC Level 2 (180 points)

    SmokenSound wrote:

    Hope Logic team doesnt skrew up big time again.




    This lag issue wasn't introduced with a new version  of Logic, but with a new version of OS X. The fix (for problems people had with Logic's plugins) came with a new Logic version - not the problem.


    If the problem still appears for people using certain other plugins, I guess it's up tp the 3rd part developers to release new versions of their plugins.

  • SmokenSound Level 1 (20 points)

    Lol , same problem with 9.1.8 , as ppl said before - Just slightly better ! Just installed clean ML on External drive , clean logic 9.1.8 , latest plugin alliance and Waves Suits. Lagging , freezing, annoying ) **** u Logic guys , are u joking ?


    But in SL Logic acts perfect and smoother then it was , and thats great )))

  • Mike Connelly Level 4 (1,785 points)

    SmokenSound wrote:


    latest plugin alliance and Waves Suits


    If you're seeing it with third party plugins, they may have to fix it on their end.

  • Darren Burgos Level 1 (10 points)

    Logic 9.1.8 seems like it fixed the slow downs on my system. Mac Pro 1,1. Lion 10.7.5 (the highest my Mac can be upgrade to), upgraded with the ATI HD 5770. Just ran a song in a loop for 30 minutes, Channel EQ up with the analyzer turned on, and two 64 bit third party plug-ins that used to immediately cause the issue (Vengeance Metrum, and Brainworx/Plug-In alliance BX Digital). On my end third party plugs seem like they're benefitting from the update too. There's still a SLIGHT delay when clicking to move to earlier or later bar ...but after that it's back to be being totally responsive.

  • RF_Berlin Level 1 (0 points)

    ok, i just checked the issue on my installation with the latest update. the freeze is gone on my side. but, if i look closely, if i open the normal meter (normal + rms) and then open the adlimiter and then the multipressor, the refresh rate of all meters reduces dramatically and the metering gets extremely sluggish. If i close all windows except the one meter, the reaction goes back to normal. it seems, they are making a workarround reducing the speed of the display update for the animations. so the freeze is gone but the feeling to work with the meters is also lost a bit, at least for me.

    can someone confirm this observation?


    Update, checked on a second computer. its enough to open the meter and the multipressor to reduce the graphic update resolution of the meters.

  • SimonB76 Level 1 (0 points)

    If I have 3 eq's in hi-res running at the same time, I get sluggish metering too.  Although I don't get the freeze/lag issue, I can live with a bit of sluggish metering.

  • RF_Berlin Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree, better than not being able to work at all. i just had an odd feeling in the moment i switched on the second and third plugin. i will see the next days if I can live with it in my normal workflow.

  • chorleyman Level 4 (1,420 points)

    RF_Berlin wrote:


    if i open the normal meter (normal + rms) and then open the adlimiter and then the multipressor, the refresh rate of all meters reduces dramatically and the metering gets extremely sluggish.

    I think that's kind of what you might expect, though - the AdLimiter is particularly processor intensive - anyway, meters can only give you a general guideline really, whichever type they are - the old Vu meters on analogue stuff weren't exactly precise - if you look at the wave form of an audio sample, you wouldn't want it to the be that precise, would you - it'd just be going all over the place, so you do want some kind of balancing out process, it does become down to what it means in your experience.

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