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  • pthomasz Level 1 (0 points)

    EVERYONE! I have found something that worked for me.  I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion (in hopes that all bugs would be fixed) only to find that it pretty much rendered my Logic Pro useless with lag.  So, after a good deal of forum searching, I found this link that tells you how to start Logic as a Root instead.  It's very easy to do and I haven't had any major lag issues yet.  I suggest, if you are still having this problem, giving this a shot.




    To simplify the instructions... go to you your Applications.  Right click on Logic Pro.  Select "Show Package Contents."  Go to contents/MacOS/Logic Pro.  The "Logic Pro" should be an executable (exec).  Double click on that.  It'll run a terminal which will boot up Logic.  Done deal.  I then made an alias of the executable and put it on my desktop. 

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    Pthomasz. It was already said in logicprohelp forum (last post about logic lag) and found to be a failure.

    Do u really solve the lag in a sustainable manner?

  • pthomasz Level 1 (0 points)

    Ah, Interesting.  I must have missed that.  So far I have not had any of the lag issues I was having earlier.  Though it is still early in the work day.  I'll update this if I do.

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    I would say that it hasn't fixed it 100%... maybe like 75%.  It fixed me having to wait 20-30seconds after I've hit the spacebar for it to stop.  However the trade off is that it's not super smooth.  Certainly an improvement though and it'll help me get through this project without cursing more than usual.

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    I myself find it much more fruitful spend a little more time in the alternative DAW.

    May it be ableton, cubase, protools or DP.

    The Live8.4 beta is more rock solid than so called logic 9.1.8. (Not even a beta)

    The move apple cutting price for logic is simple.

    They no longer developing this software and squeeze a little bit more than general lay public.

    Maintain your musical sanity, time to go.

  • Mark Lord Level 1 (20 points)

    I fear you may be right. However, it's not such an easy decision for all of us. Having changed from Logic on a PC in 2005 I've spent the last 7 years investing a lot of money in Apple kit. As a professional composer and mixer my only choices would be Cubase/Nuendo or maybe Studio 1. But if I go that route it won't be on a Mac; I'll be extracting maximum ROI by building by own PCs like I always used to. But that will mean getting rid of 2 Mac Pros, a 13" Mac Book, a 17" MBP, 2 iPhones and an iPAD. And changing a huge amount of other non-music software in my daily work flow back to PC.


    Here's hoping apple can actually manage to focus and make an OS thank actually a) works and b) delivers an efficient user driven environment in 10.8.3 (like 10.4 used to) - Hopefully that's why they are taking sooooo long beta testing it. And here's hoping that regardless of whether Logic X ever appears they make Logic 9.1.x work properly under ML - so the professionals amoungst us can actually carry on earning a living while they develop Logic X to the point where it's viable to use for the professional comunity.

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    I don't wanna right too.  But it's horrifying direction apple is heading. The next Mac can be developed. Yes.  The next logic ? It's really doubtful.  Steve job is gone.  We can no longer enjoy the days Beatles being posted on the front page of Apple advertisement. You cannot force non music lovers into making music.  It never works. 

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    Over the last 3 months I've just gotten so repulsed by Apple's treatment of their pro-market, the one that made them in the first place.


    As a result and looking with envious eyes at peers using Ableton Live, I purchased it in the first week of January. They also let you get started immediately on the Live 9 Beta, which, although there is not Retina support (minor complaint), its 100% more stable and solid than Logic on Mountain Lion.  Hilarious as you'd THINK apple products could never be beaten on their own platform.


    I have already finished 2 projects in Live, and although I do have a handful of projects still past that "point of no return" in Logic (so Ill have the finish those in Logic), I am loving working again being in Live.


    I highly suggest starting to at LEAST investigate all of your options.  As I really feel there will be NO Logic X, and possibly at this point, NO new Mac Pro.  Totally speculative though.

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    Man, this *****.  I have Ableton already and really don't like it.  I just got a copy of DP but it's reminding me of what I love about Logic Pro. 


    There definitely is a Logic X, btw.  Whether they release it or not is up for debate I suppose, but I know it exists.  But I don't want Logic X!  I just want Logic 9.1.x working perfectly!  I mean, I'd like Logic Pro to continue being developed, but hope with all my heart that they don't try to change things up too much with the new version (again if it is released.)  Whenever they make dramatic changes there is always a rather long period of user-bug testing.


    It really does seem like Apple has forgotten about their professional users, which is so ironic, considering we were a big part of what kept Apple alive for so long.  I can remember in the 90s made fun of for being a passionate Mac-user.  And in fact, it was difficult because so much 3rd party software was not Mac-friendly at all. 


    Anyway, however it goes, we'll all survive.

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    Yes, there are sooooo many things I really love about Logic, which is why I haven't made the switch yet.  The deciding factor for me will be if Logic X is a blend of Garage band and Logic 9 (like Final Cut X was Final Cut Pro and iMovie).  If that happens... I am out.  I compose and do sound design professionally and I can't afford to downgrade or stay with 9 as it slowly becomes out of date.  I would say Apple needs to remember those of us who helped them get to where they are but even if they did, they probably wouldn't care.  We aren't their market any more.

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    If we are not logic lovers, we won't end up talking about it in here. But let's face the facts. The reason why we have GarageBand in every living Mac is Steve Job, no matter they like music making or not, which is a funny phenomona. The reason why Emagic was taken over was Steve. As long as this characteristic strong man still alive, we can have a safe platform to make music. But this Era ended whether we like It or not. The direction now is commercial and stability for Apple. Please refute me for any wrong messages mine.


    Third party DAW make software for Mac and PC,  certainly they will comply as much as they can to make it compatible. Or else they are out of business. As for logic. It's a pain in the "S" to Apple. So much business priority.  Audio alwAys takes lastly.  Correct me if I am wrong. 


    Still thankful to laggy logic. I need open up my mind for more other DAWs potentials.

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    I am very interested in seeing if this gets resolved as I think I may be having a similar problem, but I am not 100% sure.


    I recently purchased a 2012 mac mini, 16 gigs of ram, fusion drive, 2.6ghz intel core i7 and have experienced gui lag in my DAW Studio One V2. 


    At first I thought it was a plugin I installed that caused it so I decided to start from the beginning and test Studio One as I installed each plugin to figure out specifically which plug was causing the problem.


    Sadly, upon clean install with nothing other than Studio One and the OS included software, I am still having gui lag in an empty project with nothing open.  I am very dissapointed with this Mini purchase so far.   I've spent just as much time trying to fix problems with this Mac as I did with my Windows 8 pc that I ditched in hopes of less debugging and configuration.   It's pretty sad that In 3 weeks of having the machine I've had to work on more problems than the entire time I've had my 2006/2007 white macbook (currently running 10.6)....that's over 6 years.


    Basically what is happening to me is whenever I click on an in-active or non focused gui window such as the mixer, the instruments panel, the piano roll/editor, or other windows, there is a deIay of up to 3 seconds before the window activates and then jumps to the current location of the mouse pointer.  It is very frustrating and time consuming to sit through each click for a few seconds waiting for the window to begin moving where I need it to and it kills the groove you get into.   I am also seeing that other users are having similar issues on the Studio One forum.  I have contacted presonus for help, but nothing yet.


    Hopefully apple releases this update that fixes your problem and maybe by some long shot whatever they change results in better performance with S1v2.

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    sustainable works with repeated reboot and with other new/old projects?

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    i am sorry to hear that, but studio one v2 is still in developing stage.

    even the review in SOS report that this DAW is characterized with bugs.

    i think what DAWs reasonably stable are DP, PT,Cubase and ableton in the market.

    with a bug in the screen, all the music inspiration would be gone. 

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