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  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Fredo Viola wrote:


    so far so good?  Dude. 

    Yes.. Compared to the last supposed fix, the feedback is much more posiitive...


    So far I have only come across your continuing issue plus the report you gave of someone else and that's it...


    Last time the boards were flooded within a couple of hours with people for whom the fix did not work. That hasn't been the case this time around.. and remember, people only tend to post when something doesn't work, rather than when it does work!


    Of course, as i said, time will tell but so far, so good (in comparison to the last time a fix was issued)

  • zeugmatis Level 1 Level 1

    Maybe people are waiting to respond until they have had time to really test and make sure.


    Had a chance to test this morning and things are *much* better here!  Used to be able to replicate the behavior at will by turning on the EQ analyzer.  After the update, tried for an hour to get it to lock this morning and could not get it to happen at all.  So tentatively speaking... looks like the update fixed it. 


    Yay!  :-)

  • Jane Snijders Level 1 Level 1

    It feels good so far here. tested a complex project which was unworkable on 10.8.2 for about an hour on 10.8.3

    Looks like Logic is finally back again on ML.

  • Miles Fender Level 3 Level 3

    10.8.3 has definitely fixed the issue here.


    Previously, inserting the Slate VTM plugin during playback would immediately grind everything to halt. After installing 10.8.3, it works like a charm.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    Are any of you who have found the problem solved using Waves CLA compressors plugins, Trillian, or Valhalla Room reverb?  I have absolutely NOT seen my lag issue go away.  Actually, another problem that I have been having, (when clicking bounce, import or any other function that would cue an animated window would quit before completing the animation) has actually gotten worse! 

  • zeugmatis Level 1 Level 1

    No plugins here - everything is Apple that came with Logic, vanilla from the appstore.  The issue was essentially a hard lock when turning on the visual analyzer in the Chan EQ plugin mostly.  Could not even stop the song from playing - so far as having to open a terminal and issue a SIGSTOP at the commandline to interrupt it in order to avoid having to do a force kill and lose work.  It wasn't just lag - it was totally unresponsive for a long time. 


    At least here, that issue has completely disappeared in 10.8.3 (open Chan EQ, turn on visualizer and the system is just fine). 

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6



    The client of mine who was the one remaining client who had this issue (and which the recent update worked for) also has Trillian installed and he reported no issues using it with 9.1.8 even prior to the fix...


    So, together with your other problem regarding the 'animated windows', which no one else that I am aware of, has reported... might well indicate you have something else going on with your setup that is not related to the unresponsive GUI issue...


    It's hard to say for sure of course, but from what you have described, it would appear to be so...

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    The man who has been helping me from the Logic Pro team suspected that the window problem was related to the lag problem, and as neither has gone away with this update, I'm left still scratching my head.  I was so utterly careful with this system.  I bought top of the line (not to sound like a pompous a**) SSD and memory and only installed the bare minimum for Logic Pro use.  And yet, from day one it's been nothing but problems. 


    (big long sigh)


    OK, anyone else who's had the lag issue solved have Trillian, Waves CLA Compressor, Valhalla Room, or, I did forget to add before, Kontakt 5?


    Thanks for your help folks!  At this point I'm pretty desperate to get the problems solved.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Also, as an aside... the only other person that I am aware of, from another site, who stated the fix did not work for him has since withdrawn his comment after realizing he had attached a Fat32 formatted HD full of samples and had recently added it to Spotlight which caused Spotlight and the mdworker routine to throw a hissy fit... He unplugged the Drive, rebuilt his Spotlight indexes and now he is stating the fix has worked for him.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    K5 is a very popular plugin and I have not seen nor heard of anyone else claiming issues with it in regards to any lag or unresponsiveness... CLA yes... but K5, VRR and Trillian no... I've never heard of any of them being mentioned before by anyone else in relation to this issue I'm afraid to say....


    This has to be extremely frustrating for you.... given the general positive responses being made by others in regards to this fix but don't give up.. Something else has to be going on I'm sure... Do your console reports show anything unusual going on.. when this happens?


    Personally I would do this, at this point in the game...


    Star uyp my Mac using CMD + R... Erase the System drive. Install ML 10.8.3. Install Logic 9.1.8 and test... Absoultely nothing else installed.. no apps.. no driovers.. nothing else at all..... before I tested and see what occurs..  Then if all is well, I'd install one of the oprogblem pplugins.. Like Kontakt.. as that is a well known and well used one... and test again.. and see if you can recreate the problem. It's a PITA I know but i think you might as well try it if only to confirm your sanity! If you get a problem then... then I would take the Mac to an Apple Store and show them.. Maybe you have a flakey graphics card/memory or some other hardware related issue.

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    About 6 months ago I went through a couple months of tech support to rule out the possibility of it being due to any plugins.   I haven't had to prepare a console report since doing it twice during that period. 


    Are you personally aware of CLA causing lag for somebody?  And the big question I have is whether after the update CLA is still causing lag?

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    I do recall one other person speaking of CLA having a problem with 9.1.8 and the lag.. but that's it. I cannot recall who it was or where... I don't recall anyone reporting any issues in regards to this issue with the other plugins you mentioned.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Oh.. btw,, if you have a spare EXT HD lying around.. CMD + R and then Install 10.8.3 onto that and boot from it...(bearing in mind it willusually boot slower than your internal system drive) and use that as your system drive instead and test with just Logic and nothing else installed... so you can preserve your main internal System Drive... and see if that fixes it. If it does, you know what the issue is.... and how to fix it.. and if not, you can just unplug the EXT drive and boot up your main system drive againwith no hassles...

  • Fredo Viola Level 1 Level 1

    Good idea, AofS.  Thanks man.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    Fingers crossed Fredo... I truly hope this works for you but if it doesn't, it will provide you with great ammo to face Apple with...