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What an awful time I have had trying to login to Face Time.  I cannot login, created new account nothing works.  You would think Apple has this solved before creating the App.



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    Try this:

    Go to your system preferences → network → make sure WI-FI selected → advanced → DNS tab. Add to the DNS servers. Go back to FaceTime and try to verify your account again. Let me know if that works.


    Good luck !


    Saulo Ricardo Lopes

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    Hi Saulo,


    Yes, I did everything you said on both my computers (one is a new Imac and the other is a 6 year old MacBook Pro).  I was hopeful but in the end what you suggested did not work and after trying to log in with my Apple ID and password (account is verified) I continue to get the message "Could not sign in.  Try your network connection and try again." 


    Since installing Lion and having Face Time, I must have tried it 15 times and I keep getting the same message.  I even created 2 other Apple ID accounts with different passwords - I still cannot get in.


    A tech support guy at Support Rix suggested going into Library and deleting


    com.apple.IC Chatagent.plist  I was afraid to do this so I stalled him until his next call to continue this idea.  Why do you think he arrived at this idea?  He is pretty certain this is what I have to do to get Face Time to work.  I did go into Library and there were 5 or so similar .plist files but could not find the one he said above.  This guy wanted me to delete all five of the Ichat.plist files and I said no not now.


    Anyone know why he wanted me to do this to get this now negative Face Time app to work?