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I tried creating a RAID 1 mirror group on a pair of Western Digital Studio LX Firewire-attached 2 TB external drives (new), and Lion crashed with the RAID code on the stack (according to the crash report).   The system always crashes the same way if I connect even one of the drives, at boot time or later.  The RAID group was of the whole drives, not a pair of partitions.   I was using a Mac Mini, but I expect my MacBook, also running Lion, will crash the same way, if I try to attach the drives to repartion them.   I suppose I can attach the drives via USB to a Linux box to clobber the partition tables.


Is there a way to set up RAID 1 on Lion which does not lead to an immediate crash?


I have been a happy Mac user, but shipping with RAID 1 being so badly broken is really careless.   I expect a lot better.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)