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I installed mac os 10.7. I had os 10.6 before with a letter opener application installed

At first I work with the new mail program, but it informed me all time that the letter opener is incompatible....

so i entered to creative site to try to resolve this problem. the site instract me to upgrade to letter opener pro. I paid and got the new licences installed it and now all the mail application is not working.... it stacked every time i'm trying to open it.

some one know how to fix it?

or just to disable the plugin so i can work with the mail application?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Yes, disable the plug in and make sure your app is working. then you can restart and try to re-install the plug in, if it still stops your mail application, you need to go back to the seller of that plug in.

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    the mail app is not working how can i disable the plug?


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    Restart and press shift after the chime. This is safe mode. See if mail works in safe mode.

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    If you ever need to uninstall Letter Opener, this is how you do it.  Took me a while to figure this out as I did not notice the Letter Opener menu item.  it is not well documented how to uninstall it.


    Screen Shot 2011-08-27 at 10.47.18 PM.png

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    That was easy. Thanks!

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    Hi there,


    for me, nothing works. When I click the Mail icon to open Mail, I get the message "incompatible plug in switched off; Letter Opener". And then I have to agree, to open Mail.


    In the menu "Mail", there is nothing about Letter Opener.


    In my Library file, and then in the file Mail, there is nothing with a name "Letter Opener" or "OMiC".


    I have re-installed Letter Opener. Nothing has changed.


    Any other options possible? I use OS X 10.8.4. Don't ask me which cat that is.


    I use Winmail Extractor to open Winmail.dat files. Works fine.



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    LO also auto-fills the name & email of a past friend of mine whose info I just deleted a few days ago. It defaults to her name & address every time. If I change it manually, it wants my email information. "purchase" "enter license" or "trial for 15 days" and wants my email in/out info. I would have to call the ISP to find out, and I don't know that it will work either. Uninstall is grey'd out on my drop-down. I can't access my mail--can use "free"version with my password. Any help out there? LO hasn't even been used nor seen since early 2012. I uninstalled MacKeeper last night, and now I have this nasty LO problem. Thank you-