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Hi guys


First post and that is because I have not had a problem with my Macbook Pro in 2 years since getting it.


I have been reading here and there but my safari 5.0.6 is getting sluggish. It take longer for webpages to load up and any kind of video content such as YouTube etc is jerking. It doesn't load as quick and stops and starts every 8 secs or so.


Facebook takes longer to load and even basic sites like BBC.


I have tried the whole reset safari and cleared the cache plus changing DNS etc.


Also created a new id and still just as slow.


I am coming to the conclusion that there is something wrong at the Apple HQ and they need to release some patches to get things working again!


Any comments or ideas welcome.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Safari 5.0.6, 2,26 Ghz Intel Core2
  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,227 points)



    Very Important, how much Free Space is on your Hard Drive first of all? Click on the Macintosh HD on the Desktop, then do a Get Info on it.

  • avicov Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi BD


    Thanks for replying.


    I have about 75GB of free space. So that isn't a problem.


    Managed to finally get the Adobe flash 10.3 update as well. But made no difference.

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    At this point I think you should get Applejack...



    After installing, reboot holding down CMD+s, (+s), then when the DOS like prompt shows, type in...


    applejack AUTO


    Then let it do all 6 of it's things.


    At least it'll eliminate some questions if it doesn't fix it.


    The 6 things it does are...


    Correct any Disk problems.

    Repair Permissions.

    Clear out Cache Files.

    Repair/check several plist files.

    Dump the VM files for a fresh start.

    Trash old Log files.


    First reboot will be slower, sometimes 2 or 3 restarts will be required for full benefit... my guess is files relying upon other files relying upon other files! :-)


    Disconnect the USB cable from any Uninterruptible Power Supply so the system doesn't shut down in the middle of the process.


    Were these the DNS numbers you tried?


  • avicov Level 1 (0 points)

    I have installed and used applejack as you say and still nothing.


    I have restarted a few times as well. I gather you mean the normal restart rather than running applejack a few times?


    Yes those are the DNS numbers i have put into my airport connection.


    Any further ideas? : )



  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,227 points)

    OK, open Console in Applications>Utilities, see if it shows any clues/errors when slow.

  • avicov Level 1 (0 points)

    No nothing showing. Just stuff from 2009! I reloaded as well.

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    i totally aggree sinse up grade in safari i have had lots of issues with safari as well from being incredibly slow as i have a 500gb hard drive with 289 empty and running highspeed internet but its like im using dailup but only in safari and not firefox.

    also we have 2 macbooks and a imac and only one i have upgraded in my mac book pro and its the only one im having issues with.

    Also having issues on sites if i use cam such as talking to friends on meebo where before up grade cam would open sinse upgrade it will not on safari yet will in firefox.

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    I updated to Safari 5.0.6 this weekend, and by yesterday, I had horrible problems like those listed here: slow speeds, videos not working, etc., problems sending and receiving mail. Searching for answers on the web was treacherous because of the slow speed. To give you an idea of how slow: it took *an hour and a half* to get through the steps to make a Genius Bar appointment.


    I tried numerous of the suggestions I found: I reset Safari, emptied the cache, changed the DNS numbers, all to no avail. I also uninstalled Flash and reinstalled the most recent version, then repaired permissions. I do think that helped a bit.


    Lastly, I went to my Internet Plug-Ins folder and moved everything out of there that was dated before the update. I was left with only Flash, Java Cocoa, and QuickTime enabled. I restarted my computer, and everything seems back to normal. One post I found somewhere said you can enable the plug-ins again one-by-one till you find the culprit, then install the latest version of it, but I didn't bother, and so far, I haven't encountered anything on the web calling for one of them. No Genius Bar needed after all.

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    I have had problems with Safari such as you describe for a few years now, but after this latest update to 5.0.6, it is worse than ever.  Websites like Google Maps are the worst offenders for me, and once I use Google Maps I pretty much have to restart Safari or even reboot my Mac to get get Safari back working at a tolerable level.


    Wish I had something definite to suggest.  I went through all the steps and even cleaned out and repaired my fonts, but nothing seems to get Safari back to a respectable working level.

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    I agree, I have had nothing but issues with Safari's 5.0.6.  I'm on Leopard 10.5.8.  Before the "upgrade" it worked just fine.  Now it's unbearably slow, hangs halfway on the nav bar, or doesn't open pages at all, and crashes all the time.  I've tried everything suggested above and am tired of having to clear the cache and empty history several times a day just to get this program to work.


    Apple - please provide some answers or provide a link we can download and go back to the previous version of Safari that actually worked!!!

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    Does anyone know if there is a fix to this problem. I've got 2 iMacs and updated them both with Leopard 10.5.8 and Safari 5.0.6 and now have the same performance issues as described above.


    I have to use Firefox to access the internet as Safari has become almost unusable for a lot of sites that worked before.


    Surely Apple must have a fix for this by now????? I can't find anything though on the Apple Support site.

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    I have the same question as everyone else here- if there is a fix to this problem?!

    I tried yesterday to google some stuff for my daughters b-day, i started like 10pm and finished with nothing 2am. Because pages downloaded 10minutes or even longer and then suddenly safari just freezes:( And it was frozen even in the next morning, so i had to restart my macbook.

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    If Safari is getting very slow:


    (Presumably you regularly empty your Safari cache by deleting the following file:




    and clear your History)


    Adding Open DNS codes to your Network Preferences, should give good results in terms of speed-up as well as added security, (including anti-phishing and redirects) (Full information about Open DNS is here: ) and further independent information can be read here:



    and here:



    If you are using a single computer: Open System Preferences/Network. Double click on your connection type, or select it in the drop-down menu, and in the box marked 'DNS Servers' add the following two numbers:



    (You can also enter them if you click on Advanced and then DNS)


    Sometimes reversing the order of the DNS numbers can be beneficial in cases where there is a long delay before web pages start to load, and then suddenly load at normal speed:



    If your computer is part of a network:please refer to this page: and follow the advice given.


    If you use a Router, make sure it has the latest firmware installed.


    One reason for a slowness in page loading may be the 'DNS Pre-fetching' feature of Safari 5.x as is described here:



    You can cancel DNS pre-fetching by going to Terminal and typing:


    defaults write WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled -boolean false


    You have to restart Safari for it to take effect.


    If Safari seems to hang for ages:


    If you have a lot of tabs open and/or a lot of pages running Flash, Safari can sometimes 'hang', requiring a restart of Safari. This can often be inconvenient, and as it is rarely Safari itself that is hanging but merely one of its plug-ins, usually Flash, there is a way using Terminal to restart the plug-ins (without restarting Safari and losing your tabs) by quitting the WebPluginHost process:


    Open the Terminal from the Utilities folder in /Applications and type

    killall -9 WebKitPluginHost

    Note that this command kills all Safari plug-ins, not just Flash. All plug-ins should start back up when you reload the page.

    Then go back to Safari and refresh any pages that were using the Flash plug-in. This also fixes the Beachball of Death. Try this whenever Safari gets slow or freezes. The latest versions of Flash 10.1 onwards appear to have improved the situation somewhat, but haven't completed eliminated it.

    For this and other reasons Apple switched their websites to HTML5 in January 2011: sing_html5.html

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    I was having the same problems.  I have a late 2009 iMac 24 with Lion 10.7.3, and the latest of everything else.  I was goign nuts because I couldn't watch any YouTube videos except a few old ones.  I trashed Flash and reinstalled it several times to no avail.  Finally, in desparation, I just reset Safari ....... now everything works great.  I feel like such a dope for not trying that first.

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