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I have got a 4 year old macbook and recently upgraded to snow leapard. Now I wonder if I should upgrade to lion. I have read some of the problems people are having, but my concern is more if my computer is ready for all the new things like swipes etc or do I also need to get the MacPad and other things.

and suggestion is welcome


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    Either you are going to have to compare your hardware specs to the requirements of Lion or post them here so that we can. Without that information there is no way to help you.



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    Thanks for your quick reply Allan,

    I got a 2 GHZ intel Core 2 Dup processor and 4 GB of Ram memory and the 10.6.8 OSX.

    Why I aksed this question is that someone told me that with my trackpad, which is not the latest technology, i wouldn't be able to make use of some of Lion's new possibilities and I am trying to find out if upgrading makes sense or waiting for the moment I am looking for a new computer.

    If you need more information, please let me know, i am not an expert on these issues.


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    A little bit more info is needed.

    We need the model of the Macbook.

    Select the Apple at the top of the screen, the select About this Mac

    Now Select More Info

    The System info is now displayed and under Hardware, the model of your Mac is displayed.

    This is mine

    Screen Shot 2011-07-31 at 11.14.34 PM copy.png


    What Model Identifier is your mac?

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    benturpin wrote:


    I got a 2 GHZ intel Core 2 Dup processor and 4 GB of Ram memory and the 10.6.8 OSX.

    That will run Lion fine. I am using a virtually identical machine with Lion right now.


    These forums are a good place to get technical support for specific problems. They are a very poor method for planning upgrades or purchases. People who aren't having problems aren't going to come here and complain about it. If you believe what you read here, you would think that the most reliable products are always whatever hardware and software has most recently been discontinued. That is essentially correct. You aren't going to have any surprises with last year's computer or last year's operating system. If you don't need and don't want any of the new features in Lion, then you don't have to upgrade. But if you don't rely on PowerPC software from 2006 and aren't incapacitated by small changes in behaviour, you may enjoy using Lion.

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    If you have the two button trackpad you won't be able to use the swipes feature in Lion. You need the buttonless multi-touch glass trackpad for the swipes. With MacBooks it's only the Late 2008 model 5,1 Aluminum Unibody and the Late 2009 model 6,1 and Mid 2010 model 7,1 White Unibody that have the buttonless multi-touch glass trackpad.

    The Early 2006 model 1,1 through Early 2008 model 4,1s plus the Early and Mid 2009 model 5,2s had the 2 button trackpads


    The buttonless multi-touch glass trackpad

    Multi-Touch Trackpad.jpg

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    Hardware Overview:


      Model Name:          MacBook

      Model Identifier:          MacBook2,1

      Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo

      Processor Speed:          2 GHz

      Number Of Processors:          1

      Total Number Of Cores:          2

      L2 Cache:          4 MB

      Memory:          4 GB

      Bus Speed:          667 MHz

      Boot ROM Version:          MB21.00A5.B07

      SMC Version (system):          1.13f3

      Serial Number (system):          4H7078JPWGL

      Hardware UUID:          00000000-0000-1000-8000-0019E3363C31

      Sudden Motion Sensor:

      State:          Enabled


    This is the info on my machine if anybody of you has additional info. I understand now that I need an aditional trackpad if I want to enjoy the swipes etc and need to discover for myself if the lion extras are worth the extra costs. If you all have installed the new OS did you experienced any of the difficulties i see described on thne net?


    and all of you thanks for your input

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    No I haven't upgraded to Lion because I still have Power PC applications that I use almost daily. Like Epson Scan for scanning and MicroSoft Office 2004 for Word.

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    I would never let Word prevent me from upgrading.


    There are free alternatives to it that are Lion complient.



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    Hi benturpin,


    You are correct, your computer will run fine, but will only benefit from the new gestures with an additional trackpad.

    I beleive yours handles two fingers, so its only the 3/4 finger gestures that you will not be able to perform.

    These actions can still be carried out with the keyboard, so its not as if you cannot use it without.


    Also as others have posted, PowerPC support in Rossetta has gone, so you need to make sure that any software on your computer that you rely on is going to be compatiable.


    I have not had any issues with the upgrade, all has gone smoothly and am happy with what I have. Yes there are a few bugs hanging around, but you will always get that in a .0 version, but the few I have seen are more anoyance things than anything else, nothing has caused my computer or applications to fail.


    Hope this helps



    PS, Thanks for the star.

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    A this helps a lot. I still don't know what i will do, which probably means stay happy with Snow Leopard as I have it only recently and decide later on for Lion.


    thanks a lot